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Closing out 2007

As I look out of my window at the bright sky and listen to the birds singing in the trees, I find it hard to believe that one more year is almost gone.

For the ending post of 2007, I would really like to have something profound to write today. However, not having anything profound to write, has not prevented me from writing in the past and apparently it isn’t stopping me today either.

2007 has been a wonderful year. This is a year I never thought I would see and if all goes well today, I will get to greet 2008 also. I remember when my dad died. It was one day prior to my 12th birthday. He was 50 years old. For some reason, his dieing at the age of fifty, left me thinking that the same thing would happen to me.

As I counted birthday after birthday, I watched as the difference between my age and fifty grew smaller. Finally I became 50. What now? It seems that it is easy to have something in our mental future that we are always waiting for. I know you know the feeling.

You say things like, “I will do that when ______ (you fill in the blank). And for some reason the blank never happens. Many times we may postpone living because of something we think needs to happen. Often times, what we want to happen, never does and we have just wasted all that time waiting in limbo.

Well, I am happy that I no longer postpone enjoying life. Most days I can find something new that I haven’t seen before. Most days I find something that makes me smile. It is amazing how much more fun you can have if you are not waiting for some event to occur so that you can start enjoying life.

I have gotten to the age that I don’t have to expect myself to accomplish something to feel fulfilled. I have been there and done that. I don’t have to make a large amount of money. I have long past learned that money doesn’t buy happiness. I now just enjoy each day for what ever it brings.

Luckily, Chiriquí Chatter is one of the things that brings me unexpected happiness. It seems that everyday, I receive at least one email from some place in the world, where I have never been. Take yesterday, for instance. I received this nice email from Holland. The person that wrote it, just wanted to pass on a musical artist that he thought I might like to listen to.

Many of the emails I receive are written as you would write a long time friend and yet we have never met. I read and respond to every email and feel grateful that the person was willing to use some of their valuable time to write me.

While I no longer set milestones for myself, Chiriquí Chatter has reached a few milestones. None that were planned, they have just happened. This month, the Chiriquí Chatter Photo Album passed the 100,000 mark, for photos viewed. With this post, there have been 1850 posts made and, more importantly, 6,575 comments. If there is any real profoundness to be found here, it most likely will be in the comments. December will also have the largest number of individual readers that Chiriquí Chatter has ever had.

In closing, let me just thank all of you who continue to drop in now and then. Thanks to those that have taken the time to comment or send emails. You have helped to make my time in Panama most enjoyable. Now for 2008, remember the words of James Dean, “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” Now go out and have a great day.


One of the things I wanted to do, while I was in Panama City, was to go by the YOYTEC computer store.

I went with a friend who needed to purchase a couple of items. The computer store is not a “walk down each aisle” type of store. If you go there, you need to know exactly what it is that you need. The store has a service counter, where they take your order and retrieve the products from shelves that you can see in the background.

All of the products, I saw, were top quality. They had all the best named motherboards, powersupplies, CPUs etc. Their prices are very good. Actually, they are the best I have seen in Panama. Buying from YOYTEC, is like buying direct from the distributor.

I didn’t buy anything, but I did make an inquiry to see how hard it would be to order from the Internet and have it shipped to me in David. It is very easy. All I need to do is open an account and select the items I want from their website. They will then send me the bill and their account number in one of the local banks. I would then deposit the purchase amount in their account and receive the deposit slip. Then I just need to fax them a copy of the deposit slip and they will ship the order via Fletes Chavale.

With this information, you can do a better job of buying PC products in David. Check out what you want on the YOYTEC website, record the prices and comparative shop the local dealers. If their price is close enough, then buy it locally. If not, then you have another option.

My Christmas Gift To Me

While I was in Panama City, I was able to buy a new printer to replace the old Canon printer that had died. I purchased an HP C6280 printer.

It has a built in network connection, so I am not able to print from any of my PCs via the local area network. It took me a while to get Linux setup to use the network, but that problem has now been solved. I haven’t tried the scanner via the network.

It also has slots to accept all digital camera memory. Now if I can use it to load the photos into my PCs I will be one happy camper.

What amazes me is that I bought it cheaper in Panama City than it is selling in the US at this time. So far I like the gift I gave myself.

Going and Coming

While I was at the David Airport waiting to catch my 11:00 AM flight, I got the opportunity to have lunch. I hadn’t planned on eating prior to leaving, but since the 11:00 AM flight didn’t take place, due to equipment failure, eating seemed like the thing to do.

Luckily, Barnard’s is at the airport and it is one of the better eating options in David. I had been planing on trying the hamburger, so today was the day. It is a half pounder and the meat was seasoned and cooked well. It came with slaw that was very good, but the sautéed potatoes were outstanding. I was very happy with my meal.

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