Vuelta Ciclista de Chiriquí – 2007 Up Close and Personal

You remember that the other day I posted some photos about the Vuelta Ciclista de Chiriquí. Today, I had to make a drive up to the Frontera. I noticed that the traffic was extremely heavy. It was bumper to bumper in a lot of areas. Then I saw the reason. The bikers were making a run from David up to a point just past Santa Marta. The bikers were on the right hand lane and traffic was all around them.

I had passed the bikers and thought all would be clear sailing to the Frontera. There is a point before you get to Bugaba where the InterAmerican highway merges into a two lane road. This was another slow down.

In fact, cars started jumping the median and driving on the other side of the road that is currently one way. I waited until I got to the merge. While I was waiting to merge, bikers started coming through the middle of the traffic. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera ready because I wasn’t expecting this excitement. There was almost a major wreck at the intersection, but it was narrowly avoided.

After passing that point, I started approaching the group again. Here is a series of photos.

After I passed this group, I realized that this was a second group. The leaders were in a group that was still in front of me. Around Santa Marta, the bikers turned around and headed back to David. Here is the leaders coming on the other lane.

I have learned to never leave home without a camera. Every time I do, I miss some photos I wish I had taken.

The 28th is the last day of these races in Chiriquí.

3 thoughts on “Vuelta Ciclista de Chiriquí – 2007 Up Close and Personal

  1. Don,
    We left the farm in Santa Marta about 12:15 and ended up following the cyclists all the way to David as the they were in both lanes and the policia escort was blocking both lanes. The interesting thing was when some of the support cars/trucks would stop to help a stranded bike (flat tire etc.) and then they would speed up with flashers on and horns blaring (some also had sirens) and force their way up through the middle of the two lanes (making it 3 lanes wide) or speed by on the shoulder. I’m surprised there weren’t any wrecks.

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