Looking For That Perfect Christmas Gift?

The stores all over David reflect that the Christmas season is here. However, don’t forget that December 8, is Mother’s day in Panama. You may be looking for that perfect gift, either for your mother for Mother’s Day or another loved one for Christmas.Yesterday, I found a unique gift that says, “You are so special, that I bought you something very special.” Now I know, you want to maximize your dollars, so this gift should fit right in. No one wants to get something that everyone else is getting. What fun is that? How about a personalized gift? If it is personalized, then it will be one of a kind.

This idea will allow you to personalize the gift anyway you want. And did I mention it is inexpensive? A personalized gift, that is inexpensive. WOW. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Ready for the details?

First, go to any store you know that sells nice quality, inexpensive towels. It could be PriceSmart. It could be DoIt Center. Keep your eyes pealed. I went to DoIt Center and found nice large towels, on sale, for $4.99.

Next drive down town David to the Shopping Center store. They have a parking lot in the back and since we are going to spend some money in the Shopping Center, parking will be free. Enter the Shopping Center and go up one level.

Walk toward the front of the store, staying on the right side. Look for the following sign.

This is where you go if you want a gift embroidered with a name, comment or whatever your creative mind can come up with. Here is a towel example that shows some examples.

Now what could be a better gift, than a towel, embroidered with, “Ima Big Reader Loves Chiriquí Chatter”? Just think of the smile that will come from the person receiving this gift. You have my full permission to use this gift idea. Don’t forget to put the accent over the “í “. It may take about a week to get your towel back, so hurry and avoid the rush!

Now that you have your purchases for Christmas (or Mother’s Day) taken care of, head back down the stairs toward your car. But wait! You deserve a reward. Why not treat yourself to an ice cream cone? As you you reach the bottom level of the store, turn to your left. You will find a nice little food counter and I love their ice cream.

A cone is going to cost you 50 cents, but you will enjoy it. This is the only place in David to get this hand made ice cream. I personally like to get rum Raisin. Out of curiosity, I asked the lady if they ever sell their ice cream for parties. She said you can buy a container, which will be equal to one of their serving containers, for around $7+. The exact price will depend on the flavor. I think she said rum raisin would be $7.50. Others were $7.00. In fact you might want to order some ice cream to have after the gifts are opened on Christmas Day. I know everyone is going to want to celebrate receiving their new Chiriquí Chatter towels. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Looking For That Perfect Christmas Gift?

  1. dear don-ray,
    looks like you are giving “the diva” a run for her money!
    great idea and practical one size fits all!
    and love the reward at the end it is not easy to get rum rasin i.c. i think it is an old flavor but a goody ellen

  2. What do they charge to embroider one towel?

    PS. do you know anywhere in David where you can get sushi ingredients?

  3. Hi Heather,

    To be honest, I don’t know how they price the embroidery. To do a name, I know it is about $4.00. If you have something elaborate, I don’t know if the price goes up or if it stays the same.

    Not being a sushi connoisseur, I can’t answer the sushi question. Maybe some one else will have an answer.

  4. Well, well, well – it looks like we now have a David Shopping Divo! Bravo, Don Ray!

    The Shopping Center store IS a nice place to shop, with a surprisingly large array of higher quality products. One note about the ‘free’ parking – they have small signs posted to this effect at the door – if you’re seen returning to the parking lot with purchases from other stores, you’ll be charged $5, whether you’ve purchased anything from The Shopping Center or not. Fair enough to charge for parking, but $5 is a little steep.

    Heather – about sushi ingredients. I spotted nori in a small Chinese specialty store (beside the Nueva China restaurant) several months ago, but can’t guarantee they still have it. As for the Japanese rice, mirin, wasabe, etc. – not yet spotted in David.

    Don Ray – our friends at Bamvol have once again disappeared. Wonder if this is permanent or they’ll resurface elsewhere?

  5. Hi DSD. I know the require a purchase for parking free, but didn’t know about the other penality. If I remember right, their card that they give you says $5/ hour if there is no purchase.

    Your new situation is just plain crazy. If I had spent a large amount in the Shopping Center, I think I would request to talk to the Manager.

    I will pay attention when I drive by the “old” Bamvol place. Haven’t been by there recently or I just didn’t notice it.

  6. Guess I don’t spend enough time in downtown David. Where is the Shopping Center? What a great idea for my adoted Panamanian Mom. Thanks

  7. Hi Kathy. The Shopping Center is on the one way street that runs front of Parque Cervantes, by Romero’s. The Shopping Center, is toward the end of that street. If you go to the end of the street and turn right and watch for an opening, you will find the parking lot.

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