Another CC Map

You may not have noticed, but I added another icon to bottom of the sidebar on the right. It is called “Whose Online”.The first tab (Who’s) shows what is currently being read and how many readers are online.

The second tab (Graphs) is currently inactive.

The third tab, shows a world map of the readers of Chiriquí Chatter. If you look closely, you will see stars start to flash indicating recent and current reader locations. When you run the cursor over the star, it will give you more information.

2 thoughts on “Another CC Map

  1. Thanks, Don Ray. I’ve been wondering how well you can keep track of us. Fortunately, however, I can tell you that it is not working perfectly. 🙂

    This map seems to be better than your other one. And, one can only conclude that you have an amazingly diverse and successful blog.

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