El Fogón Is In A New Location

Today I had the opportunity to have lunch with a good friend of mine (Tom McCormack). I have always enjoyed talking to him because he always has a new project he is working on. Tom has been coming to Panama for the last 15 year. He spends about half of his time, each year, in Panama helping Panamanians to help them selves.

He has spent time teaching Panamanians the proper way to handle bees and their hives. He sponsors a clinic in David assisting Panamanians who have cancer. He is currently teaching several Panamanians English because he knows it will help them find a better job.

It is always refreshing to be around someone that is giving of themselves to others as opposed to trying to see how much they can take from their fellow man. When you talk to Tom, you can tell that he enjoys life and it is evident that many Panamanians have benefited from his unselfishness.

So when Tom invited me to meet him for lunch at the new El Fogon, I didn’t hesitate.

This is the first time I have been to El Fogón, since they have moved to their new location.

The menu has quite a number of items on it and the prices seem to be reasonable.

I ordered broiled fish with sautéed potatoes. It was very good.

I had pistachio ice cream for dessert. I am pretty sure it was Estrella Azul. Pistachio ice cream is funny here in Chiriquí. It never has pistachios in it, but there are some chunks of fruit. It is a good flavor and I always like it. I hadn’t had it in several years.

The new restaurant is very colorful and one of the most attractive restaurants in David that is able to handle a large group of people.

They have an enclosed area that is air conditioned.

Our waiter today was Diego. If you see Diego, tell him you saw his photo in Chiriquí Chatter.

Great meal. Great conversation. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

To find El Fogón, it is behind Super Baru II. This is the road that intersects with Ave. Brenes (the street that runs in front of Super 99) at the Nissan dealer.

4 thoughts on “El Fogón Is In A New Location

  1. Wow, what an insightfull review and with photographs of the food too.
    Had you already eaten that plate of food (fish maybe) in the picture?

  2. Hi William. I am not quite sure what your question is. I had never eaten this plate before. The fish is a common one to Panama, so I have eaten it in many places.

    I took the photo just after it arrived at the table and before I had touched it.

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