Vuelta Ciclista de Chiriquí – 2007

Every year Chiriqui has it own international bicycle race known as Vuelta Ciclista de Chiriquí. I went down to Parque Cervantes this morning to see what I could see. The race took off at the park and went to the airport and then returned to the park. I was told that that was 8.4 km. Each participant was timed and left the park at about one minute intervals. There he goes.

Here are a couple that have been to the airport and are returning to the finish line.

This fellow is warming up. He is riding in a stationary position.

While the race was taking place, there were other activities going on at the stage in the park. There was dancing competition and there were tables set up by various universities.

Here is some of the dancers.

Here are some photos of the tables I mentioned earlier.

Tonight there are supposed to be more dancing and from what I told this will be worth seeing. I would like to see it, but I don’t know if I can. I also want to go by the Feria Cientifica,Tecnologica y Cultural before it closes. So many things to do and so little time.

Here was last years post about Vuelta Ciclista de Chiriquí.

UPDATE: In the evening, I happened to be out completing a few tasks and was stopped to allow the Vuelta Ciclista de Chiriquí participants to pass. I captured a shot from the car and decided to just park and watch a few laps.

The policeman in the photo was controlling traffic every time the cyclists were approaching. My understanding is that they were making 15 laps. Each lap was about 7.2 km and they were supposed to be traveling at about 40-45kmh.

You will see from the photos, the streets were not free of traffic. The riders had police that preceded them to clear the wau, but there were still a few cars in the middle of the race.

The following is clips from about 3 laps of the race.

12 thoughts on “Vuelta Ciclista de Chiriquí – 2007

  1. Hi Don:

    Great looking pictures. I always enjoy your visits to different parts of the province. I’m sure many “Chiricanos” who are living in other countries relish you pictures as well.

    Great job!


  2. Hi Omar. Thanks for dropping in.

    Actually I do receive a fair amount of email from Chiricanos living in the US or other parts of the world. When I started this blog, I thought only a few friends in the US and my family in the US might read it.

    Seeing how many people drop in and where they live has been a big surprise to me.

  3. You are wonderful. I am a Chiricano living in North Carolina and seeing these pictures bring a lot of nostalgia of my country. Thanks for doing such an excellent job. You are bringing the world together through this blog.

  4. The park is really getting the use this wee. Tonight I went and watched some of the folkloric dancers. It was great. When I get rested, i will try to get the photos posted.

  5. felicitaciones x las fotos y cobertura sobre la vuelta a chiriqui te saludo desde costa rica y seguire viendo tu pagina gracias a saludes

  6. disculpe , pero como puedo saber los resultados de hoy en la vuelta a chiriqui o recomendarme una pajina en internet o ver si la transmiten en vivo x internet gracias y disculpe la molestia

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