Return to Zapadora

My last trip to Zapadora was in June of 2006. My how time flies when your are having fun. Since I had recently posted the announcement of the Madness Sale, I thought that I would drive to Zapadora and see what was new.

I guess that “new” is a bad choice of words, since everything in Zapadora comes from all over the world, and a lot has seen almost as much time on this earth as me. Let’s just think of it as “new” to Zapadora.

Here are some photos taken inside the showroom.

Here are a couple of unusual wall hammocks.

There a lot of nice yard ceramics outside.

Just like my first visit, I am impressed by the uniqueness and quality of everything that is displayed.

While I was there, I met the owner of Tradewinds Imports, who has some showroom space in Zapadora. It was nice seeing you again, Elaine.

It was a good drive last Sunday. If you missed the sale, don’t worry. You aren’t too late to find that special item. When you see Diane, tell her that Chiriquí Chatter sent it’s regards.

2 thoughts on “Return to Zapadora

  1. Hello from Chitre,
    I have reciently meet the ruler of The Zapadora outlet and have commited to sell our products through they outstanding store. Star tileworks-llc is new to Panama and we have a new facility for production of all our our tile products. We are currently hand making brick and tile at Arcillas De Chitre. Two new kilns are under construction so we are just checking in to let you all know that soon our products may be available at the Zapadora. Check out our line of custom roof tiles and floor and wall tiles at and let Diannne know what you need. Our new wood fired kiln is now in production and ready to take tile orders. Stop by to visit if you are in Chitre.
    Drew Krouse
    Starguide of Panama S.A.

  2. Drew I see why you fell in love with this place, looking forward to visiting and seeing you soon….gg

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