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In the last two day’s I have received multiple emails asking if I had eaten at Restaurnate Renegado. I hadn’t, but since so many people knew about it and I didn’t, guess what? I went today around 4:30 PM.

This was merely a scouting expedition, but I am glad I went. I spent a little over an hour talking to the owners ( David and Berta). The restaurant is a little bit of Spain crossed with a little bit of Peru. This is because David is from Spain and Berta is from Peru.

The restaurant has been open a little over a month. How come I didn’t know about it before now? As you can see from the following photos, it is an attractive little restaurant. There are about 6 – 8 tables. There are extra tables outside which can accommodate the smoking clients.

The menu has a little of everything. I had to try something, even though it wasn’t time to eat a real meal. I had a scrumptious pound cake that had a hint of Anise and was covered with cream and chocolate. It was very great.

I have picked out several items on the menu that follows for a follow up visit.

If you go there, before I return, tell David and Berta, that you heard about their restaurant from Chiriquí Chatter. The hours are 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Tuesday through Sunday.

To get there, drive on the InterAmerican Highway, toward Costa Rica. The restaurant is going to be on your left after you pass KFC. It is on the opposite side of the road from ServiCentro. Look for the sign in the first photo.

The telephone numbers for Renegado have changed. The Direct number is 730-5804 and a cell number is 6663-1975

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  1. Don Ray,
    We went there about a month ago. The food was good, but they refused to give us a jubilado discount on an $18.00 entree (parillada mixta for 2). I hope they have changed their policy, as I know this is a real annoyance for many people.

  2. Hi VonDell. I didn’t ask about the jubilado discount. I know that I have seen many new restaurants, over the last almost 5 years), that did not give a discount for some time. I can understand because I am sure they have a lot of startup expenses.

    I am personally more interested in the quality of the food than the discount. Their prices looked pretty reasonable, but I have to try some of the dishes.

  3. It is the law, but I have been to a lot of new restaurants and they haven’t given it for a while. I need to see if there is a waiting period before it has to be applied.

  4. Thanks Don Ray for your visit and for your web site.

    also Thanks Mr VonDell, and sorry for discounts, i can explain it, you are right ,but for now we dont include taxes in bills.

    We are starting and trying to do our best, this is your(our) dinning room, so we are working with good quality and best prices how as possible, to find a special taste in a familiar place.

    Thanks again Don, and sorry for my bad english, i will try do better next time.

    Berta and David

  5. Hi Don:
    Thanks for the review as others very good information for the people looking for good places to have a nice dinner.


  6. Hi Don Ray – we’ve been to the Renegado twice in the last few weeks and were thoroughly impressed with our meals – the queso azul sauce is delish… As for the jubilado discount, we didn’t even ask for it as the meals are well-priced and the service was warm & friendly. David & Berta are obviously on the right track as every table was full when we last visited. Hope you enjoy your dining experience there as much as we did.

  7. Hi DSD. Thanks for dropping in. I had been wondering about you.

    We went there for lunch today. Another post I will have to post when I get to the chance. We enjoyed everything we had.

  8. Hi Don,
    Thanks for the info on this new venue. seems to have nice prices and a wide arrange of options.
    As for the discount it is the law, but you need to consider that some big restaurant may afford to loose profit on this Government imposition, but for some small business is a matter of survival and have a pretty hard time giving this discount. I’m not excusing them, the law is the law, but you need to understand that. The jubilado discount was something that a paternalist dictatorship imposed as a quick fix to “help” poor panamanians who get pennies as their retirement income to go by.
    I have seen some good places that offered good food at good prices and now offer good food at expensive prices because they need to consider giving the jubilado discount. So, guess what? you end up not receiving any discount at all, and the rest of us get to pay more as collateral damage!
    This is something that the Government needs to clarify and pretty soon, for the benefit of the jubilados, businesses and the rest of the rest of us.



  9. Too many people make an issue out of the pensionado discount. One needs to remember that the true intent is to offset the loss of income of Panamians on pension who on average earned $4,000 annually before retiring. I don’t know of many N. Americans that fall into that category so keep this in mind when insisting on the pensionado discount.

  10. Hi John.

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I agree with you that there is too much importance placed on receiving the discount. However, it is also true that Panama has advertised this as a benefit to entice retirees to move to Panama. Therefore, it is also unreasonable to expect that many retirees won’t expect to receive what has been advertised.

    What I think is really wrong is that the government doesn’t allow the discount to be accounted for as a business expense, since it is a law.

  11. Renegado’s is every bit as good as you said. I would highly recommend it. Nice people, good food and reasonable prices.

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