Today is Maintenance Day

I see that my web host has the latest WordPress version ready to be installed. Before I install it, I have to update my theme to the latest version of MistyLook. When I looked to see if anything had changed, I see that it has. There is also a new three column version of MistyLook.

I am going to prepare both the two column and the three column versions and try each of them.

After I am sure the themes are working correctly, I will install the new WordPress 2.3.1. This is a major upgrade and things can go wrong, so I will try to backup my current system. With a little luck, I should get through this today. If not, then hopefully, no longer than tomorrow.

While I am doing this migration and upgrade, it is possible that you may see some things that are screwed up. Be patient. I am old and don’t move too fast.

UPDATE: The migration and theme upgrades have been done. I tried the three column version and didn’t like a couple of things, so I guess the two column version stays. If you encounter any problems, now that the upgrade has been done, let me know.

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