10 thoughts on “Gasoline Price November 6

  1. One time on a street in Buenas Aires I saw a Porche with New York state license plates. I went back to it twice just to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. Gee, and I always thought that the Pan-American Highway did not go all the way.

  2. There is at least one Ferrari in the city. I believe it’s a 512, but couldn’t swear to it. I’ve seen it a couple of times.

    As to gas prices, it costs over $100.00 to fill my Suburban, if I don’t let it get too far down on the gauge.

  3. We drive somewhere around PC almost daily, but the trips are so short that even in the crawling traffic we burn so little fuel that we’ve gone 6 weeks between fills. If that was all we ever did, the rising fuel costs would be disturbing, but have no real impact.

    It’s when we go traveling around the country that the hit takes our breath away. Our V-6 Hyundai Tucson SUV gets relatively poor mileage (21mpg cruising on the Inter American) so fuel costs between PC and David run about $50-60.

    That isn’t enough to stop us from making that drive, but it’s starting to eat into what we can spend on the trip. If we ever start to approach European fuel prices, it’ll be a disaster..

    People need to pity the poor cab drivers and stop short changing them; pay them what’s a reasonable fee, not just the bare minimum. FWIW I never pay less than $2 for a local cab in PC and it annoys me no end to read or listen to people with good incomes brag about how little they get away with paying them.


  4. Don Ray et al,
    But…but…butt……. All the relo literature promised that since the Balboa is essentially hog-tied to the USPeso, I’d have no inflation worries once the move to Panama was made since Uncle Buck is sooo solid!!
    Sorry for the attempt at bad humor, but what passes as financial news today can be toxic to your cashflow.
    Buckle up passengers. We’re entering uncharted turbulence. BTW, anybody follow my advice and head to Scotiabank and buy some loonies? I believe you’d be up +/-5% in a few weeks!
    Hasta Pronto,

  5. Gas here in Oklahoma for Unleaded is between $2.95 to $3.09 so we are not too far off from you. We are having beautiful fall weather here. Jan

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