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About Ants and Grasshoppers

Open Source Software has been making an impact for several years. Unless you have come from the technical field, you may not have even noticed it. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the larger proprietary software development firms.

UBUNTU and the overall status of the Linux community are starting to make advances at a pace that is making the proprietary firms more nervous with each new release.

Today, I stumbled on this piece of creative writing that depicts the situation.

Movie Alert

I received and email about a movie, that is coming this Christmas season.

The movie is called “The Golden Compass” and stars Nicole Kidman and other well known actors. The movie is derived from a book series that is anti-religious in nature. If you watch the trailer, it seems innocuous enough.

I am posting this, not to try to tell anyone, what they should or should not believe, or for that matter, what movies to see or not to see. However, with this movie coming out, when it is, and it being aimed at the younger generation, I thought you may want to know its foundations before you take your children or grand children to see it. Whether, it would or would not have a negative effect on anyone, I do not know.

For a broader understanding of this movie and the author behind it, check out the following link. With more information, you can make your own decisions. At least you will have made a conscious decision.

The Leopard Leaps

Apple’s newest operating system has hit the shelves today. My Apple Mac Mini is only a small part of my PC network, but, non the less, still a very capable piece of computing hardware. With the new OS arriving, I have to go through the process of asking myself if it is worth plopping down $129 and getting it.

The reviews I have read seem to think it is very worthwhile upgrade. If I used my Apple more, I would definitely get it, however, for now I think I will pass. I can see why a regular user of Apple would want to make the upgrade. The new “Time Machine” feature to backup your PC is the best reason I have found. The multiple desktop feature is also very useful, but I have it and it has been on Linux for a long time.

I have found one reason to get Leopard. Leopard has “bootcamp” built in and it would most likely make it easier for me to create a dual boot system between Apple OSX and UBUNTU. The only thing that prevents me from doing that is the 80 Gig hard drive that my Mini is sporting. If I ever decide to add an external drive, then I will probably do the upgrade at that time.

Looking at the numbers, Apple has made some significant growth in the PC market, partly because of its other products (iPod and iPhone), but also because of OSX. I know that it is not in their strategic direction, but if Apple decided to open up OSX to the general PC market, then you better sell all of your Microsoft stock.

Great Lunch on Friday

Contrary to the title, this really isn’t another post about eating. Well, maybe only a little.

A Chiriquí Chatter reader had contacted me from the US and said he was going to be in David and would like to meet me for lunch while he was here. After arriving, in David, he called me and we set Friday as the day and La Tipica as the location. We had a little rain, prior to lunch time, and La Tipica was nice and cool.

I arrived about five minutes before the designated time and found Alberto waiting. I always enjoy getting to meet some of the visitors to Chiriquí Chatter. Alberto is a Chiricano, who now lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Like most people, that leave their home of origin, he still has strong feelings about his roots. Continue reading Great Lunch on Friday

If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.

Sometimes I Am At A Loss For Words

You may remember my saying that I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. This one was particularly special. I received phone calls and best wishes from my extended family here in Panama and Costa Rica. I feel so lucky to have been accepted by all the people here.

I also received an email from my son on my birthday. This could be a first. Normally he sends a belated birthday greeting. My son always has had a good sense of humor and never wastes words. He always thinks, if you can say in two words, what others say in four – then use two words. His email was simple and to the point. The subject line was “Happy Birthday”. When I opened the email, the message was “Senior Citizen

Now it was my daughter that floored me on my birthday. She has begun writing a blog. Having five young ones in the house she has a lot of stories to tell, but seldom the time to tell them. I enjoy reading the way she sees life and the way she can put humor into her daily life. This photo of Carson, her youngest, is from her latest post about getting Carson to transition to solid foods. I borrowed it so you can see my newest grandchild.

Now back to being floored. On my birthday, her post was called “My Dad”. I tend to get a little misty eyed when something touches me. I still haven’t quite gotten to the point where I can read it without tearing up (more like bawling).

Needless to say, this birthday was very memorable.

The sole purpose of a child’s middle name is so he can tell when he’s really in trouble.