It has been about 12 days since I upgraded my primary PC to UBUNTU. It has been very stable and I don’t have too many complaints. If I hadn’t migrated, to KDE as my desktop of choice, I might not have any complaints.

My only real gripe, since the move, is that the KDE desktop apparently changed its file system manager to one called Dolphin. With that change, I can no longer load my photos from my Olympus camera into the PC. Dolphin sees the camera, when it is connected, and asks if I want to load the photos. When I click “yes”, it goes away for a short time and then says it can’t read the media.

I tried to use nautilus, once under KDE, but wasn’t successful. Maybe with a little more effort that would work. If I come up under the Gnome desktop, I can load the photos without a problem. Gnome uses nautilus as its file system agent.

The only other problem I have is that I have one email that came into Kmail and will not display and can’t be deleted. I assume, if I can find the Kmail message queue, I will be able to delete it manually, but for now, I just have a zombie email, that is there and won’t leave.

I have submitted a problem report on the email problem, but not the camera. I guess I should submit one on it as well.

All in all however, I am very pleased with the 7.10 version of UBUNTU.

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