Sunday at Tamburrelli’s ( now Tambu Country)

As most of you know, I enjoy going out to eat for Sunday Lunch. Last Sunday, the restaurant of choice was Tamburrelli’s. I think this is the first time I had gone there on a Sunday. The day was fresh and cool, so Natalie and I decided to sit outside.

Natalie chose the three pastas (around $6.00). It must have been good, because she took her time enjoying every bite to the fullest.

I had a hard time deciding what to get. I considered the bar-b-que ribs. Then I thought about Swiss Enchiladas. Several others were considered before I settled on the filete de Montaña. I think it was around $9.00.

The filete de Montana turned out to be a good choice. The fillet had a great flavor and was topped with a grilled onion slice,a grilled slice of tomato and on top a grilled pepper.

Natalie and I split a slice of cheese cake. It was good, but I make better. I think the next time I will go with a different dessert.

I wish I hadn’t spent so much time looking at the menu. There are several other things I want to try.

Directions to Tamburrelli’s:
Take Las Brasas (the street that has Super99, McDonald’s, Nissan, etc) as if you were going to the Airport. When you get to the dead end, go left. Going right would take you to the airport. On your left as you approach the next corner is Tamburrelli’s.

3 thoughts on “Sunday at Tamburrelli’s ( now Tambu Country)

  1. Hi Don:

    Nice looking food. That dish really looks like a mountain (Filete de Montaña). I also noticed that you are using white and soft gray frames around your pictures. They look absolutely gorgeous!

    Can you share with us how did you do that?

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Omar. The framing is a function of the Misty Look theme. I don’t do anything, but load the photos and the theme has the framing built in.

    I am happy you like the effect.

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