Super Strike de David

Did you know that David has a bowling alley? I didn’t, but apparently it has been in David for about 10 years. It is easy to miss, since it is not on a street that I drive on often and it has no sign to entice you to enter. In fact, after learning that it existed, I drove in the general area and passed it twice without finding it.

Shirley, the founder of the Yahoo Group of David, had found it and decided that it would make a good meeting location for yesterday’s evening meeting. Thanks to Shirley, I now know about Super Strike de David.

Super Strike is a 10 lane bowling alley, complete with automatic pin setters, and automatic scoring terminals.

It has a bar area, which will mix up anything you want.

It has a food and non alcoholic beverage area as well. I noticed a cubano sandwich on the menu that I may try some day.

I spent a little time with Rafael Stanciola to find out some specifics about Super Strike. Rafael speaks very good English, which reflect his university time at Georga Tech.

Here are some of the specifics about Super Strike. While I did take a few notes, I may have missed something, so if you find an error, leave a comment.

  • The hours are 3:00PM until “closing”, Monday through Friday.
  • There is league bowling on Monday and Wednesday nights. If you are interested in forming a league or joining a league, contact Rafael.
  • Saturday and Sunday afternoons has a special rate of $5.00 to bowl as long as you like.
  • Thursday night, they turn down the lights and I think it is party time. (somebody fill me in on this)
  • The alley is available for birthday parties, so don’t be surprised if your go some evening and can’t get a lane.
  • Normal prices are $1.75 a game and 50 cents for shoe rental.
  • Four times a year, there are tournaments. The next one is in November. Better get to practicing, if you want to enter.
  • Wireless Internet connection. Bring your laptop.

I was impressed with the bowling alley and Rafael’s enthusiasm in his interest in providing an enjoyable time for everyone. If you drop by Super Strike, tell Rafael that you read about it in Chiriquí Chatter.

Directions: Driving toward the Super99 supermarket from the InterAmerican Highway, turn left on the street to the left side of the Super99 parking lot. Drive to and cross the one way street. Cross the one way street and on your left, the first building you will see has three porthole like windows. That is Super Strike.

13 thoughts on “Super Strike de David

  1. Hi Don, here in the states a new way to generate business at bowling alleys on the weekends was to turn the bowling alley into a dance club atmosphere. They called this disco, cosmic, or glow bowling. They turn down the lights and have neon lights on the lanes. They also add a dj to play the current hot music. It makes it a place that kids want to go to on a Saturday night.

    Thanks for the update. I will definitely check this place out in December/January while there on my vacation.

  2. Don: We went to the bowling alley yesterday and the prices are not those disclosed on your site — they increased……IF you decide to get a Chiriqui Chatter League, my husband John & I would be interested in being a part of your co-ed team. We were decent in the past but have aged and will give it “all we have” and maybe, surprise you. I think they are interested in getting leagues together and talked to Ralph & Julio. Charlotte
    P.S. I am 66 (close to you) and John is 73 and ambitious and was an excellent bowler. We will give it our best balls……

  3. Man that so sad I really miss bowling. Is there any other bowling alley here in Chiriqui that you may know of?

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