Wall Hangings That Will Tickle Your Senses

As I was leaving Bernard’s the other day, I noticed a unique art exhibit. Maybe you have seen something like this before, but it was new to me, so I had to take a couple photos.Gloriela Patino-Henderson Is responsible for these unusual items. They are framed feathers with paintings of various animals on them. The bright colors of the feathers and the detailed art work make a most unusual wall hanging.

Here is the display card that tells you a little about the artist.

This first wall hanging was what caught my eye. It was a large cat, jaguar I think, and the detail was amazing.

Here is the next one, which features a bird.

The next one was a small feather, maybe about 2-3 inches in length.

Here is one of a tiger.

This is a cropped porting of the previous tiger so you can get a better appreciation of the detail.

If I ever get a bigger place, I would like to get one of these. They are so unusual and the colors are so vibrant, that they would really become a conversation piece.

Gloriela Patino-Henderson’s phone number is on the first photo. If you happen to talk to her, tell her you saw her artwork on Chiriquí Chatter.

10 thoughts on “Wall Hangings That Will Tickle Your Senses

  1. Good morning! Fabulous art. The second from top to bottom is the harpy eagle, an endangered species, national bird of Panama; the one in our seal holding a ribbon which reads: Pro Mundi Beneficio… Thanks for these details, Mr. Williams.

  2. Ray.
    Thanks very much for your comments,and photos of my art, I love wildlife because is part of ours daily life, so enjoy it, and you are right they are always a conversation piece, because for me these are my canvas, never change the colors of the feathers, no chemicals use so people always asking how do I do these awesome painting and the amazing detailed that are involved in each piece, I has to said that those are bigger pieces,because can be smaller as an 1 inch, and for me is just loving what you do. I been an artist since I remember, as a SELF-TAUGHT painter,I been painting on feathers for the last 18-20 years,since canvas became boring for me. Thanks again.

  3. dear don ray & gloriella,
    thank you again for another beautiful memory of david we are from
    ga. & went to david & met & spent a wonderful dinner with the
    artist and her handsome family. one of her beautiful pictures is on our mantle & this all came from going to panama bills! oh i am so homesick for david. thanks for the memories ellen

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