Bernard’s Restaurant at the David Airport

Did you know there is a new restaurant at the David airport? I didn’t, but some friends of mine invited me to have breakfast with them there this morning.

The owner’s name is Bernard and he also has a restaurant in Bocas. The menu offered many different things to eat, both for breakfast as well as lunch. The hours are 7:00AM to 6:00PM, everyday except Sunday. I intend to go again and try some of the lunch items.

Here is a photo of the bar area.

This will give you an idea of the area in general.

Choosing what to have for breakfast was not an easy task. I waffled between pancakes and waffles, but wound up ordering a Panamanian breakfast, complete with cheese, corn tostada, hojaldra, scrambled eggs with tomato and onion and French fries. All this for $3.50, if I remember correctly.

While I was waiting for it to come, I wandered over and took a photo of their very special brownies. I seriously thought of buying several to take home. At 75 cents each they looked like a bargain.

Also while I was waiting, I took the photos of the Venezuelan helicopters in a previous post. The restaurant is a great place to go to sit and have a coffee, have a meal, and watch the planes (or helicopters) land and take off.
When my meal came, I was not disappointed.

Then a first for me happened. While we were visiting, someone mentioned that today was my birthday. I guess Bernard overheard and at the end of the meal, he brought me a bread pudding ala mode. Unusual for a breakfast, but one of the most yummy things I have eaten in some time.

He also brought each of us a glass of Baileys.

What a surprise and what a wonderful way to begin the day. I have decided that I no longer wish to have a birthday calibration. I think after you cross 65, you need to calibrate each new day and enjoy it to the fullest. That is exactly what I have done today.

Thanks to my friends for inviting me to this new restaurant and for providing such wonderful company. Thanks to Bernard for his thoughtfulness and his excellent food. And thanks to all of you, who bother to visit Chiriquí Chatter each day and see what is going on in David.

Oh yes, if you happen to go to Bernard’s, remember to tell Bernard that you learned about his restaurant from Chiriquí Chatter.

19 thoughts on “Bernard’s Restaurant at the David Airport

  1. Happy Birthday. I wanted to let you know that my mom lives 5 minutes from the airport. She is a retired home economics teacher. She makes all kinds of crafts and also teaches women to be self-suficient while learning how to make their own crafts and sell them. I will be spending Christmas and New Year in David, so maybe we can meet and show you my mom’s crafts.
    See you and have a good one.

  2. Happy and Blessed late birthday greetings Don. From your poem the other day, your epistle yesterday and todays posting seems to me that you are celebrating and giving thanks in all things every day. I hope many are encouraged to do through you and “Chiriquichatter”

  3. Happy Belated Birthday. I must say toasting another year with a Bailey’s sounds heavenly. Here’s wishing you many many more! Cheers!

  4. Don:

    A belated Happy Birthday. You did a great review of Bernards.

    I visit your website daily. It is a wonderful respite from the day to
    day challenges in corporate america

  5. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for the comment. The Baileys was great – even it it was with breakfast.

    Hi Jeff. I have to think that anything is a great respite from the challenges in corporate America.

  6. “you are celebrating and giving thanks in all things every day. I hope many are encouraged to do through you and “Chiriquichatter””

    I think that we all are being encouraged, Jerry. Happy bithday, Don!

  7. Happy belated birthday Don. I’m a little behind in reading your bloq. As always the information you provide is appreciated.

  8. Hi DR, had eggs benny at Bernard’s Airport a couple of weeks back when we were seeing our daughter off on her trek back to the great white north… The menu has been revised (much smaller), but the portions remain generous, the coffee remains excellent, the service was great and it is still the only place in town (that we know of) that serves hash browns with brekkie. Bernard was in residence – noted that he now has a line of bottled sauces available.

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