YOYTEC PC Store in Panama City

I received a comment today about a PC store in Panama City. One of the things, I miss, in Panama, is being able to buy reasonable priced PC components. The URL that was provided was for a store called Yoytec. I know nothing about the store, other than what I have seen on their website.

While the prices are higher than the US, they appear to be very good for Panama and therefore a good place to use as a benchmark for all PC quotes. The next time I go to Panama City, I intend to go there and see the store.

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  1. Hi Don:
    Yoytec is a store that is highly favoured by many computer users in Panama City because of the prices (considered to sell at very low prices) and the assortment. They just moved and are now in Tumba Muerto Avenue close to McDonald’s in El Dorado. They are exactly besides La Inmaculada, a small restaurant-coffe shop. I have a friend who lives and works in Colon City and if he needs anything, he goes to Yoytec in Panama City.

  2. I stopped in there today at noon. The place was crowded, but they had three people working the sales counter, and I waited no more than 10 minutes. I bought a Kingston 1GB DDR2 -533 memory chip for $42.00 plus tax. That’s cheaper than the wholesale dealer I usually buy from. The shelves seemed to be very well stocked, and they have a repair shop. The only negative was parking, there aren’t many spaces.


  3. Hi Henry. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I thought the prices looked very good for Panama. I will have to go create a relationship so I can order and have items delivered to David.

  4. Info like this is another great birthday present to give to everyone else, Don, just knowing that there are good places to patronize. ¡Thanks and felicitaciones!

  5. Hey Don Ray, i buy from here, i put the money on the account of the company, and my hardware arrive the next day, by “Donaldo Guerra”.

    I think that is it the way more cheaper for buy, without a patent, such as intcomex, 3way or INC


  6. Thank you for this web site..I am from the USA (Florida) and a wholesaler of bulk computers…and as such now looking for a buyer of computers in bulk or pallet form to dealers in Panama..
    Any inquiries please reply to this email and I will quote you accordingly…
    Thank you for your assistance..
    Garry Walden

  7. I bought a computer PC not long ago, stop working after two weeks and I return for their repair. Oh! Their services was very bad. I think prices and after sale services are both important.

  8. why u dont you guys go to this link:www.onclickpanama.com . it is a new computer store located in the center of panama city.they have the same price as the store that you said.but the most important things,they offer better services.u dont have to wait for a long line,there´re lots of parking,no traffic .trust me!u will like it!

  9. Hi has anybody else tried OnClick yet?
    Do they have a Repair Department to fix my HP workstation?


  10. Have not tried OnClick. When I was in YOYTEC, I did see that they had a work bench area, but I don’t know if they do repairs or just build and service what they build. I think their website has an email address.

  11. Hi everybody… As a reference only… I’m client of Yoytec. I buy components for computers and accesories by catalog on line. They send me all my purchases by transport service from Panama to Chiriquí, in 48 hours after the payment. They also has repair and maintenance services… “brindamos servicios de Instalación de Programas, reparación y mantenimiento de equipos.”

  12. hoja don ray, donde puedo conseguir los precios de los computadores, para tener un presupuesto antes de viajar a panama

  13. The YOYTEC site referenced above has about the best prices I have see. You can also look at the link area under Panama Stores and look at Multimax and PanaFoto for prices on commercial gear such as HP. All of this hardware is more expensive than in the US.

  14. Hi Juan Carlos

    A question about Yoytec…

    I am “trying” to buy two complete computer systems from them and have them shipped to David like you said you did.

    I first emailed the internet sales supervisor (Abdiel Santamaria) with a question on availability of the systems I wanted and he responded by email confirming they were available, a couple of days later (in English).

    I then tried to order on-line but Google would not translate the text for the order on the “my account page”. I assume because those are secure pages. Not being positive of what the web site order page said… I did not want to use it.

    So I wrote the supervisor again listed what I wanted and that I wanted to pay by Visa and have it shipped to David. This was in English — AND — Spanish and all the ordered items were in Spanish with all part numbers. No response again so a week later I wrote him another email asking him to tell me what to do to receive the order. Another week later and still no response.

    So I have spent the last few days translating the secure web pages line by line and it looks like they only take Visa cards in person at the store and will only accept bank transfers when the order is shipped outside Panama City.

    There was something that I “think” said that to order a (custom?) computer you had to pay 50% in advance. I am ordering one of their pre made systems so I don’t think this applies.

    The order is in my cart on the web site. They say they do telephone orders. Should I get a Spanish speaking friend to call and try to get them to take the order out of my cart and accept a Visa card?

    I can only assume that walking a English speaking person through an order is more trouble than they want to go to for a $850 order.

    I might go to Panama City and pick it up there but that means 2 days on a bus and probably a night in a hotel plus taxi fares and food while I am there. This would add about $100 to the order which makes it not so cheap and very tiring to boot.

    If you or anyone else knows the correct way to order from them using Visa, for delivery in David please advise me.

    Thanks in advance


  15. Hi Keith,

    I am not sure who Juan Carlos is. When I ordered my system from them, I ordered it over the Internet. They confirmed the order and sent me their account number for their bank. I deposited the money for the purchase in their bank, scanned the deposit and email them with an attachment of the deposit slip.

    I received the PC in about three days via Fletes Chevale.

    They do not take credit cards over the phone and I would not do business with anyone in panama that wanted me to give them the card number.

  16. Yoytec used to be good, not any more, price are higher now,they’ve become to expensive, don’t have manners to treat their costumer, to slow on helping them too, and the most important thing is their merchandise doesn’t last too long or come out defective out of the box, and does not have too many brands to choose from, only the cheap brands and models are availabe and who knows maybe even refurbished stuff too and comparing the prices with other stores I found me a new store with good prices and even a bit cheaper and better brands than yoytec,it’s worth giving it a try, here is their website:


    I don’t buy at yoytec no more, after I had two monitors that were no good right out of the box, two card readers do nothing at all, one hard drive, one web cam, one board when bad within a week and lately they are out of stock and then they want to sell you what they want, which s not good at all, I will buy what I want,not what they want me to buy, which is common here in Panama. As a matter of fact I woud rather buy directly fron the US and have it shipped here via netbuy panama; http://www.panamanetbuy.com/ and guess what I get good quality,fresh and new merchandise; here is a good site in Miami, eventhough you could buy from anywhere in the US and have it shipped here in Panama.

  17. Hi Don It happen to me too. I bought a monitor from Yoytec it is good only a week than I return for sevice. They give me another one work only three weeks then had a line burn out. Yoytec used to good but not any more. Waiting in line for 45 mins to pick up it take longer than HSBC bank. I found out another computer shop between Yoytec and usol.net name INC Panama. I bought APC ups and two LG monitor tv the price is very good. The site referenced above has about the best prices I have see is http://www.incpanama.com and I spoke a guy name Javier he speak very good English. Should try it.

  18. I looked at usol and incpanama and really don’t see any fantastic buys. I guess until I have personal bad experience with yoytec, I will stick with them.

  19. Somehow I coudn’t resist to reply as I read the comment of Crystal who is actually the wife of the owner of the onclick store… I have to admit that we had and probably still have problems with our service as I can see with the comment on our sales supervisor above. Of course we try everything we can to become better – but it is hard because of two reasons a fast raising demand for years now and permanent problems with human resource.

    As to our prices… We are not more expensive than years ago – the contrary is true our margins went further down with the years. But it is true that our competence is getting cheaper. I think this is a good development for every consumer.

    As to our merchandise, we still don’t sell refurbished products and of course a LG monitor you buy from us is the same quality like in Inc, Usolutions, or anywhere else…

    Thanks to Don Ray for continued support. If you have serious problems with one of our departments or suggestions write an email to fe at yoytec.com


  20. hello and day, I want to come to Panama to shop for wholesale new or used netbooks and tablets not over $100 . Do you have any recomendation who help , await your reply thank very much

  21. Hi i was just wondering of this store would have the new Google Nexus 7 tablet i have not been able to find it in albrook mall can anyone suggest a place to look that will most likely have it?

  22. No i don’t have a phone was hoping if someone could tell me where i am most likely to find this tablet since de stores in albrook mall did not have it?

  23. Hey Don,
    I am not trying to buy Apple parts, I am trying to sell them. Its going cost a hefty fee to get this Mac I have fixed, so someone said I could sell it for parts instead…

  24. theres something wrong with the logic board..do you think its realistic that id get anything from it

  25. I just moved to panama a week ago, and looking to buy a computer. and i found your webpage, is the prices and the specs serious or whats going on ? i mean its insane overprices for very bad computers

  26. Need to download VGA graphics (can’t play certain games) for my HP laptop, and can’t find anywhere, including the HP webpage and Canon pages for my printer. So i decided to search for an ‘HP repair’ store and came across this page. Glad I did, and decided to leave a comment. I had Windows 7 re-installed after the ‘fiasco’ of installing Windows 10; also my fingerprint reader on the laptop has not worked for 2 yrs, so I would like that fixed also.
    Someone recommended a computer repair store on Via Brazil close to the IDAAN bldg, but I’have not contacted them.
    Thanks to all of you for your comments, it certainly helps me make the decision of who to contact.
    Personally, I purchase everything possible from Amazom.com, and have it shipped through ‘Mailboxes Etc’. I have Amazon prime, so shipping within the US is mostly free and items ship within 2 days, then I pay shipping from Miami to Panama, and it usually takes 3 more days.
    I get very frustrated with service here in Panax, so I want a reputable place. A techy did the re-installation, we’ve downloaded VGA fixes, to no avail. She was not able to fix the reader.

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