Each New Day Is A Gift

Each New Day Is A Gift
by Don Ray Williams
October 12, 2007

The alarm clock sounds and it’s time to rise,
With one brush of the hand, wipe the sleep from your eyes.
Take a deep breath and feel your spirits lift,
Fell lucky your alive, because each new day is a gift.

Listen to the birds chirp as they bring you some cheer,
Smell the flowers and imagine them saying, “We’re so glad that you’re here!”
Hold your sweetheart close and as you gaze in her eyes,
Tell her how much she brightens your life.

As the smell of coffee drifts through the air,
And you realize you haven’t got a care,
Think, “If I weren’t here today, look at all the things I’d miss.”
Yes, there is a lot to be thankful for, because each new day is a gift.

Then your grandchild comes in and climbs upon your knee,
And says, “Grandpa would you read this book to me?”
You turn the pages and she soon lies her head on your chest,
It is times like this, when you know how much you’re blessed.

Each new day begins as a void and it is up to you to fill it, with things as you see fit.
But fill it very carefully.
Because each new day is a gift.

10 thoughts on “Each New Day Is A Gift

  1. Maybe you don’t, but I do. My alarm goes off at 6:30AM.

    I don’t like to stay in bed in the morning any longer than necessary. My TV comes on and I watch a little news and then I get up.

  2. No alarm clock here either…but still manage to wake up early and watch the sun come up. Yessss…every day is a gift. We need to remember that.

  3. You sure made my day with your poem. Each new day is truly a wonderful gift filled with so many blessings and presents. I take so much for granted, Don, so I thank you for reminding me to not be so complacent. Keep writing poetry, please.
    Never have used an alarm clock in my life. Have set one a few times but always awoke before it would go off. If there is such a thing I have a built in alarm clock. I am a early riser and like to see the new day start.

  4. Glad your poetry skills are remaining intact and even getting better. You put everything in perspective. Hope you have a wonderful day on the 13th. Jan and Uncle H

  5. Each new day is truly a gift…thank you for sharing this beautiful poem…

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