Finca Santa Marta

At the end of last month, my friend Ron invited me to go see his finca. I went and managed to get in an entire month’s worth of exercise in a single morning. Ron has a beautiful location that he is going to turn into a model farm.

I will post only a few of the photos in this post. All other photos will be in an album at the end of the post..

To get to the area where these photos were taken, you had to walk down a winding road, that was what you might call challenging.

This first photo is of a small water fall that was hidden behind some trees on a hillside.

This bottom area, of the farm, is very flat and the soil looks rich. This area has several large black boulders, that appear to have a volcanic origin.

If you look at the center of this photo, you can see where we came from and the road that wound from the top to the bottom. Ron said when he decided to make the road, he asked how to determine the best route for the road. He was told they would just use the path that the cows had created. That is what they did.

There is a river that runs along one side of the farm. In this photo, you can see another little stream feeding into the river.

In several areas, you can see nature assisting the rocks to look beautiful.

In many of the trees along the river, you can see parasitic plants that have attached themselves to the tree branches.

On the way back to the top, my thought was that my return trip needs to be after the road is complete and ready for a 4×4 to run on it. 🙂

On the way back to David, we stopped at the Sol de Mar. This is definitely one of my favorite seafood places, and this day, it was exceptional. I ordered fried shrimp. Look at this platter. Can you believe it only cost $5.00.

It was a great day. I enjoyed myself and I thank my friend Ron for the invitation. Great exercise! Great conversation! Great Food! It just doesn’t get any better than this!

6 thoughts on “Finca Santa Marta

  1. We’ve known Ron and Kim for years before we moved down here and have had long and detailed discussions with them about their plans for Finca Santa Marta.

    Take that hike again in a couple years and you’ll have some amazing before and After comparison photos.. 🙂

  2. Just wanted to let you know that those pictures you took are very nice. Have you ever been to plamira, that is were my famil is from. My family and i go every two years. Were is your friends fram located at and also so de mar?

  3. Hi Veronica. Thanks for taking the time to comment. When I have told you “Santa Marta” I have told you all I know about the farm’s location.

    I am sure I have been in Palmira. I have been to most places around the Boquete area.

    The Sol de Mar restaurant is on the other side of Bogaba toward the frontera on the InterAmerican Highway.

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