Mario’s Bar and Grill Update

It was about a week ago that we decided to drop by Mario’s restaurant for a little lite supper. I got lost, when I drove there, because I missed my normal turn, but I will address that at the end of the post.

If anyone wants to go to Mario’s, I am always ready. The last time I went, I thought the food was outstanding. This time I ordered the pork ribs. I thought they were tasty, but I think I could have chosen better. I was thinking bar-b-que ribs and these are definitely prepared different. I will say that the baked potato, that is in the second plate was outstanding. It had been buttered just right.

Another at the table ordered Chicken (pollo) burritos. They looked good. They were raved about which I thought was rude, because I wasn’t offered a taste. 🙂

The last order for the table was a brochette. I did get a taste of that one and the meat was excellent. I definitely came in third place on selections the evening.

Now for the directions update. My original post gave directions on how to get to Mario’s. While the directions were fine, when I wrote the post, the Atlas bar now looks like this.
Instead, this is the new sign to look for and it is on the corner across the street from the previous bar.

3 thoughts on “Mario’s Bar and Grill Update

  1. I’ve been at his former restaurant called “VIP”. The food is real good and it is very nice to hang out with some friends. When I go back to chiriqui, I’ll stop by at Mario’s Bar and Grill again.

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