Ceramics By Artesania Silvia

“I am getting a little behind in my work”, said the butcher as he backed into his blade. I can relate to that. I have a ton of photos that I have taken and just haven’t had the time to post them.

The photos I am going to display today, I took last month. If you want some attractive ceramics, you will want to make a special note to go visit Artesania Silvia. I had the occasion to visit with her last month and when I saw her work, I asked if she would mind if I posted some photos. She said she didn’t have many to show, but I assured her that the ones I saw would be a good start and the next time I came I would take more photos.

Silvia does everything related to the ceramics you are going to see. She has all the molds, she fires them in her kilns, and then she meticulously paints them. Christmas is coming and I think these would make excellent gifts. Everyone I know enjoys having some color in the house.

I will start with this fruit wreath (corona en Espanol). When I saw this, I knew I wanted to take some photos. I thought the colors were nice and bright and it just says, “I am happy today”.

These cheerful little fellows are about two feet tall. They are intended to be placed in a garden. The seven dwarfs go for $350. I only see six in this photo. The other one must be out in the forest. You really need to see them close up to appreciate them.

Here is a closeup of one so you can see the detail. You can tell that Silvia takes pride in her craft.

This photo has several things, but the ones in the front are cheerful cherubs ($14 each). Wouldn’t they put a smile on your face to have them watching over you!

This isn’t a cherub, but I liked it anyway.

Here is another shelf of items to choose from.

The following was in the previous photo. I took a closeup so you could see the dull finish, which gives the impression of a real yarn doll.

I thought this was a happy ceramic of one of the Panama Indians.

These small ceramics are available to be personalized for a graduation or some special occasion. They are priced at 12 for $24.

Here is one that was inscribed with gold paint for a graduation.

In case you enjoy painting, I am sure you can buy some ceramics fired but unpainted.

I know you are going to want directions. This is the tough part. It isn’t difficult, but it is hard to describe. If you remember my write up of Restaurante La Orquidea. then. going toward Boquete, you will turn right at the corner by the bus stop. This is the corner just before you get to La Orquidea.

After turning right, you will turn right at the next corner. You are going to drive past about 5 houses. On your left there will be a house with an attached workshop on the left. That is the ceramic shop. There isn’t a sign, but I am sure if you ask anyone, where ceramics are made, people will know. I am going to give you Senora Silvia’s cell (6-561-0707), so you can call and make sure she is there. What you may have to do is see what she makes and put in an order, because she doesn’t keep many on hand. You can tell, from the photos, that anything she makes will be worth waiting for.

If you see Senora Silvia, tell her you learned about her from the gringo that took the photos for Chiriquí Chatter.

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