Have You Been Putting On Some Weight?

I swear that is what the fella on the other side of the mirror said to me this morning. What?! You have been hearing the same thing from the person on the other side of your mirror? Well, maybe we better take another walk today. I think my excuse is the extra pieces of cake that I have had lately.

I will do some stretching exercises, while you get your walking garb on.

Ah, I see you are ready. That is good. As you can see others have started without us.

Some of the houses on our walk will be the same as last time, but we will alter the trek today so you can see some different houses. I don’t think I took this house’s photo last time, even though we walked this way. I took its photo today, because I love the big tree in the background.

We are now on a different street. Lets pick up the pace a little now that you have gotten the kinks out of your muscles.

Now here is something you don’t see in most neighborhoods in the US. These two must be layers because they look too old to me to be fryers.

This is a nice house on the other side of the street.

You can guess by now that I really enjoy nice groomed shrubs and the flowering bush is very nice.

Here is another nicely groomed area.

Here is a photo of the iglesia (church) I attend.

Did someone say they were looking for an apartment to rent?

This house is directly across the street from the church. The lady, that lives here, has several apartments that she rents. She was out this morning and I inquired what she had available. Currently, she has 1 small one bedroom apartment. It will rent for $175 a month. Like most apartments, it is unfurnished, so the renter will have to take care of that. I took a quick peek at it. It runs along the left side of the house.

Here is a photo of the side of the house.

While I was standing in the front of the house, two bicyclers went by in a two minute span. In the US, bicycles were for exercise or fun. In Panama, they are an economical means of transportation.

Ok, we have poked around long enough. We better get a move on. The sun is coming up fast and I want to get home before it gets too hot. My complexion doesn’t handle the sun well. This house on the corner has always been attractive to me.

Lets go down this street. It appears to have a little shade. Hope you don’t mind.

Here is an empty lot waiting for something to be built. I think I would prefer a few trees though.

Here is good looking house.

Ahhhh. This lot would please me. Nothing like a little daydreaming.

If you wanted this lot, some beat you to it. Looks like they are close to being finished.

Here is another house that is under construction.

We just made the turn to head back home. This last photo will show you that we need to be careful walking. Theoretically, the cars should stay on the street side of the white line, but you never know.

I worked up a pretty good sweat. How about you/ Time to hit the shower and then have a little breakfast.

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  1. Don Ray: I made a comment on your last walk pictures. I like the ones you posted today. The church you go to, my family also attend mass there. The hill you see in the distance has a cross on the top. You could walk all the way to the top before. Maybe you ought to try it! Greetings from California.

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