The Noriegaville News Is Closed

I was just looking at my “Links from an external page” statistics and I saw that I had a large number coming from The Noriegaville News. I clicked over to the site to see what was on Okke’s mind today. The following appeared on my screen.;

Sorry, but The Noriegaville News is closed and is not coming back. Some deeply disturbed people have a problem with investigative in-your-face journalism in Panama and have not just kept their hate campaigns online but also moved them into the real world. The benefits of publishing this site do no longer outweigh the threats against family, people showing up with stun guns at my house and the abuse of Panama’s legal system and its backward libel laws for pure harrassment. It’s a great disappointment having to conclude that Panama does not offer a safe environment for free speech and publishing online, and that foreign rogues take advantage of these circumstances, but there is little we can do about it.

I will remove its URL from the Chiriquí Chatter Link section.

16 thoughts on “The Noriegaville News Is Closed

  1. Hi Scott. There is no need for cyber cops. Panama is a small country.

    If you have frequented the Yahoo groups or some of the semi-ommercial sites, you would probably understand the conflict that resulted in this website closing.

  2. Don Ray:

    Are the Yahoo groups interesting? Worth joining? Do you recommend any? I’ve had the feeling that Yahoo groups are an invitation to spam.

  3. Interesting? I don’t know if I would call them interesting, but they sometimes let you know about issues that other gringos are facing in Panama. Sometimes they are a resource for information. A fair amount of time, they are just a waste of time.

    Three that I think are the least offensive and where you will probably find people who are willing to answer questions are:


    There are others, but these will give you a taste to see if the groups are for you.

  4. I’m going to miss the Norieagaville News. I think it was a good counterpoint to the sunshine and lollipops sites that are only about selling real estate.

  5. There was a lot of good that was done by the site. Okke definitely had a different style and I agree that he helped to provide balance to tll the “Everything is perfect” sites.

  6. I would like to point out that another important website, the Panama News, is also endangered, and need more support from the expat community if you don’t want to see is close also. Eric jackson wrote me that the panama news is maintained at the expense of his time, his finances and his health. Although Noriegaville was more provocative, journalists like Eric jackson or Okke Ornstein are struggling for the freedom of speech in Panama and they deserve more support and recognition.

  7. Always a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad sign when journalism & journalists are brought to the mat. Why would this EVER happen in a ‘free’ country? Can’t imagine! Don’t think outside the box! Don’t rock the boat! Don’t buck the trend! Ignorance is strength!!

    The truth hurts and if you ever wanted a real education, read what censored journalists write not the fluff that everybody believes. Okke’s prose contributed greatly to our decision to leave Panama before laying down money on real estate in that country. No place is perfect but there must be some metal to the stories that forced the (voluntary?) shut down of Noriegaville News.

    If you live in Panama or are considering doing so. Watch out. The thought police live there too..

  8. Actually if you read what was written and read between the lines and also Don Winner bragging about it, I think it is clear that the feud with Don is the cause of it.

    Not as you portray. Certainly, I would rather live in Panama than in Costa Rica.

  9. Hi Don Ray, can you please give me tips on all the reasons why you would rather live in Panama then in Costa Rica?, I am having a hard time finding a good country for me and at this moment I can’t afford to be going to research the differences so all your list of differences in your opinion would help advise me.

    Thank you.

  10. Hi Max. You are going to find people that will tell you that both are better than the other.

    I can only tell you what people I respect say and I will add my own reasons. Some of my friends lived in CR first and have moved to Panama. I have other friends that were born in CR, have family in CR and chose to live in Panama.

    Here are some of the reasons.
    1. Crime is said to be much worse in CR.
    2. It is very expensive for everything in CR, The exception is electricity.
    3. Panama uses the US $ and there is no fluctuation and you don’t have to exchange currency.
    4. Incentives for pensionados is better in Panama.
    5. Highway conditions are better in Panama.

  11. Hi Don, thanks for the list, if there are further reasons I would be interested in learning about them too, thank you.

  12. I’m really sad to see that Noriegaville is no more.

    Whilst I can accept that Okke’s style of “in your face journalism” wasn’t to everyone’s liking he at least did a lot of good work and help identify quite a few crooked scams and dodgy individuals.

    Maybe one day we will see him back again. Who knows.

  13. Couldn’t stand Okke myself. That said, I’m sorry to see Noriegaville News leave. Eric and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on most things either (he’s a hardcore liberal and boarderline communist, and I’m not), but I’ll be sending him some money soon to help his cause.

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