Daily Archives: September 25, 2007

Last Step For My New Driver’s License

Today was the day that I had been told to return to the Chiriquí Mall and pick up my driver’s license. When I went to where I had dropped off the paperwork, the lady said my license had expired and I needed to go to another office, outside and around the corner.

I knew my license expired in October, but I thought I would have to come back in October and go through some more paperwork. As I walked to the office, I was prepared for the worst. It seems like I can never get things done all that efficiently, so I am having to learn patience.

I went in the office that is in the photo below. The front of this office faces the theaters.
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Shhhhhhh – It Is A Secret

Today was a special day for a special young lady. Today was Natalie’s birthday. Under the guise of getting her to help me with my driver’s license today, I got Natalie to go for a ride. Then I surprised her by taking her to TGI Friday’s for a birthday lunch. She really didn’t want to go in, but I and her mother finally convinced her. It was not easy.

We all had a very nice meal. Natalie has fried shrimp. Her mother had fish.

And I had a special steak that they are currently running. Continue reading Shhhhhhh – It Is A Secret

Some People Create Work For Themselves

I happen to be one of those people that manage to create work when others would leave well enough alone. That is what I continually do with my computer environment. I hear that a muscle that isn’t used atrophies. That being the case, I guess I am just causing my brain to remain healthy. I always have more work for it to do, whether the work is worthwhile or not.

My latest mental exercise is related to the PC I just got back from the shop. When I bought the components for this PC a year and a half ago, my plan was to put Linux on it. However, before I got to do that, my XP PC hard drive died and I had to move XP to the new PC. Linux got put on the back burner.

When I got a new hard drive for my old PC, I put UBUNTU on it and dedicated the XP PC for the training of English for a couple of students. The older PC now became my primary PC for me to learn Linux.

Then recently, the XP PC started dieing (the problem that was just solved). I replaced the XP PC with my Mac Mini for the English training. I was afraid the XP PC had a costly problem, but it turned out to be minor. Continue reading Some People Create Work For Themselves