Saturday Lunch At Don Sui

After completing several tasks Saturday morning, I decided to stop for lunch at Don Sui’s restaurant, which is next to Hotel Panama Rey.

The noon special had potato soup, so I ordered it in place of normal soup that comes with the meal. It is pretty typical for Panamanian potato soup that I have had in David. I prefer it with some potato chunks and maybe a little bacon and cheese, like comes in the soup at TGIF. Still after I added my pepper, it was acceptable.

For the main meal, I didn’t order Bistek Mongol, I ordered Beef with vegetables. The two wantons on the plate are filled with cream cheese and I always enjoy them. My meal was $3.50 including the soup and a soda. Don Sui always gives me a 25% pensionado discount, making the meal cheaper than if I cooked it myself.

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