My Latest Information On Copa Beginning Flights to David

There have been several posts on the Yahoo groups recently asking the status of Copa coming to David. This is an update to a previous post in Chiriquí Chatter.
I wrote a friend of mine, Wee-Mingh Fung, who is the President of the Chiriquí Chamber of Tourism and asked him if he had any news related to that subject. His reply follows:

Hello Don, my friend Enzo Polo got together with Mr. Heilbron, Vice-President of COPA and apparently so far COPA is planning to fly directly from Panama City to David. However, Heilbron denied to Enzo that COPA might have plans to fly directly from Miami.

I will look into this matter closely.

FYI, there might be a possibility that a flight might start with a route — Limón-San José-David with “Nature Air” (from what I understand a small airline company that started in Costa Rica). I was invited by the Chamber of Tourism of Limón (and about 4 other Tourism Chambers of Costa Rica) along with the Tourism Chamber of Bocas del Toro and FEDECAMARAS to a meeting that was held in Limón, Costa Rica, with the purpose of joining efforts to make this whole the Costa Rica – Panama region a “sellable multi-destiny” for tourists. The meeting was a success and agenda has been put together to start working towards that common goal. We are having a follow up meeting perhaps next month.

Puerto Limón in Costa Rica will start getting a great influx of tourists as more cruise ships plan to arrive there.

I am also sending this email to a couple of people that I know are interested in seeing this “direct flight” from Florida become a reality (or any other flight from other friendly countries that can bring tourists to Chiriquí.)

Best Regards,

WM Fung

8 thoughts on “My Latest Information On Copa Beginning Flights to David

  1. I was hoping for better news. Perhaps we can catch a plane from David to PC then to Miami. It would make more sense to go from PC to David to Miami. They did not say when this service would start.


  2. Its not the flights from David to PTY then to Miami that is important. We know these flights exist already. Its the ovennight stays, the travel across town, the sheer inconvenience of baggage/luggage problems, etc, etc, etc, that needs resolving. Direct flights from Miami to David is a MUST if we are going to attract substantial numbers of tourists, visitors, etc, to the area/country. Visitors from the US, Canada and especially the UK and Europe, require effective and efficient passage, otherwise they will go elsewhere. Come on Copa [or anyone else], organise these direct flights.

  3. Obviously you could still have a flight from mia to pty to David and not have to remove baggage or stay overnight in Panama City. I am sure what ever the route, it will continue only if it is profitable.

  4. When you fly from Mia to Sjo to David do you have to pay an airport fee in Sjo as well as David? If the flight from Mia to Pty and then Pty to David was better timed that you did not haave to stay overnight in pty this would make more sense, at least for now until there is a direct David mia flight.Maybe you can work on that

  5. COPA never intended, nor said they would, to begin flights from David to Miami. It was just a ploy from the Aeronautica Civil.

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