Good Grub – Good Company

Yesterday, My good friend Jerry came to David from Volcan. Whenever he is here, we try to go out and have a nice lunch. While we were trying to figure out where to go, my cell phone rang and it was some Chiriquí Chatter readers (Wanda and John). They were in David for some business matters and had called to ask if I was available for lunch. What great timing.

Jerry and I drove by their hotel and we (or I) decided to go to Tamburrelli’s. It has a large menu and almost any taste can be satisfied there.

Jerry and I both ordered pork fajitas.

I thought the pork with peppers and onions was very flavorful and the flour tortillas were ample. I hate it when you don’t have enough tortillas to handle all the meat.

It came with a small tub of sour cream, one of refried beans – I’m guessing because it was more like a sauce, and one of salsa. I really enjoyed it.

John and Wanda shared one of the excellent pizzas.

I have liked every pizza I have gotten there. My least favorite is the Hawaiian because I think it has too much pineapple and could use more ham. I have enjoyed their pizza so much lately that they have replaced Dominoes for my home delivery.

It was a great meal, but the company was fabulous. John and Wanda were really nice and hearing of their world travels made for a very interesting lunch. I am so happy they called when they did. We had a little Chiriquí Chatting and Chiriquí Chomping and it made my day just about perfect.

6 thoughts on “Good Grub – Good Company

  1. You know Robert, I am sorry that this blog isn’t written to your specifications, but I just don’t always post directions. Most of the time I do if they are on my mind and I don’t have to spend a lot of time to figure out landmarks.

    I usually try to oblige people if I receive a “nice” request for information and provided it. However, when I get a comment that is abrupt and demanding, it sort of turns me off.

    However, just for you today, I will tell you how to get to Tamburrelli’s.

    Go down the street that has Super99, Mcdonalds, the Nissan dealer, etc. When you get to the end turn left. Right will take you to the airport.

    After making your left, it is at the end of the block on your left.

  2. Hi Don:
    Last night, since I had visitors from Chile, I took them to Tamburrelli’s and of course, having read your post, I ordered the pork fajitas. They were very good, flavorful and satisfying. We all enjoyed the food we ordered and were able to spent a very pleasant evening. Thanks for your post.

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