Sale Madness At The Book Mark

I made it up to the Book Mark yesterday for the beginning of the annual Book Mark Sale. If you can’t find anything there that you haven’t read, then you need to take a break from reading and go out and see the country side a little more.

I have posted photos of the new addition that Hal added last November.
So today, I will take you around some of the other areas in his treasure trove of reading material.

For any of you military buffs, he has a complete room filled with things you may be interested in.

Where ever you look you will find some great times to fill your idle hours. He has hardbacks and softbacks. While the books have been previously read, all the words remain the same and the stories have no wear on them.

If you are in search for a more recient best seller, you may find it in this area that contains newer releases.

This area is having new book shelves made to hold a wealth of new occult books that Hal has obtained. If you are a practicing witch or warlock, I hope you practice good and not evil. 🙂

Out here, in the $2.00 hardback area, I found a John Grisham book that I had not read. One of these days, I will have read all of Grisham’s books. I decided this week I need to set a schedule on my PC and start organizing my time better, so I can devote a little more time to reading and other things I seem to neglect. Note to self – Put schedule on the PC.

Hal also has a large number of paperbacks that are being sold at 3 for $1.00. Talk about a bargain! When you purchase any of the specially priced books, they will be marked so that they aren’t taken to and of the local clubs and then returned to Hal for his normal return amount.

Here is a table of books from the Canal Zone Library. Many are first additions.

Don’t forget, that this sale at the Book Mark only lasts for two weeks. Better hurry if you want to find your favorite book.

I almost forgot. I was going to take a photo of Hal and Michael so you could get to know them before you drove to Dolega. However, Michael said he wasn’t photogenic. Hal said he was almost too photogenic. Hal was afraid if his photo was posted, that with him feeling so good, he was afraid he would have too many women chasing after him and he said, “I just don’t need that.”

If you don’t need a book, then just stop in and say “Hi” to Hal and Michael. And to all you gorgeous women out there – please withhold your urges to flirt with Hal.

Well all this book searching has made me hungry. I think I will go up to Boquete and see if I can find a good place to eat.

2 thoughts on “Sale Madness At The Book Mark

  1. Hi Don et al,
    Thought this was the perfect place/subject-wise to let you and whomever else, know about this wonderful, maddening event that happens every November. It’s called “National Novel Writing Month”. It’s insane! Here’s their URL, in case I forget to include it, by the end of this comment.


    The challenge is: to write a novel of 50,000 words (or more), in one month. It’s a contest, with cyper encouragement, cheerleading, “word-counting”, and lots of other wildly fun stuff.

    It happens between November 1st – November 30th, and the contest is run every year. You can sign up for free and participate. The contestants participate from many countries, not just the U.S. NANOWRIMO has all sorts of other entertaining stuff in the in-between times, like this past summer, the challenge was, “can you write a screen play in one month”. The site’s based in San Francisco, CA. I believe.

    I tried for the “novel” last November. Made it to 15,000 words. Was recovering from hip surgery at the time. Unfortunately, my reward for “recovering” from surgery was to have to go back to work on November 15th for my usual 9 1/2 + hr data-entry slog. (Naner Naner. I’m retired now. No more 9 1/2 + hr days). So, I kinda lost steam, but I do have the beginning of a novel. Maybe not a good novel??? but, hey, it’s almost a Novella at this point.

    So, if anyone’s got the itch, this is guaranteed to drive you truly, absolutely nuts, in an insane fun kind of way.

    A woman who works for an international pet relocation service, turned me on to this last year, via an email exchange about transporting our cats to Panama. I apologized in my email for being long-winded – cause I write (that’t my excuse, and I’m stickin’ with it), She said she writes too, and said, check out this URL.
    Me, my guy, and the cats are still in the U.S., but will be heading out to Panama late winter next year. So the pet relocation thing never did get resolved at that point, but a novel fragment lingers on my system.

    OK. Check it out if you wish. Thanks for the airtime. Charloe

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