Lunch At Hotel Panamonte in Boquete

If I go to Dolega, it is almost obligatory that I continue my drive up to Boquete. And with all that time looking at books in the Book Mark, I wanted a good meal. The last time I had tried to go to the Hotel Panamonte, it was being remodeled, so today, I thought I would try again. It had been over three years since I ate there and I was curious if it was still as good.

The Hotel Panamonte is the oldest first class restaurant in Boquete. As you can see from the table settings, it is a very elegant place to eat.

In the time I have been gone, the menu has changed a lot. I used to love ordering a appetizer that was polenta. I can’t describe it , but I think it is made from cornmeal and I always thought it was very special. I searched the menu, but I couldn’t find it. I don’t know if this is a permanent change, but I was disappointed to see that it wasn’t listed.

I decided to order a fillet Mignon. I ordered it medium well. As you can see the presentation was very nice. I though it was ok, but not as good as I recall from the past. The price was $12.00, which is pretty reasonable for the cut of meat, but I didn’t think it was as tender or flavorful as the one I had recently in David at Restaurante Camarena.

Another at the table ordered a trout platter. I don’t remember the price. It also was presented very well and it’s flavor was raved about.

I ordered the flan for dessert and thought it was well worth its $2.00 price.

The other dessert that was ordered was Tiramisu. I didn’t taste it, but the aroma was fabulous and made me think I had made the wrong choice.

Well, after all that food, I am definitely going to have to keep up with my morning walks.

13 thoughts on “Lunch At Hotel Panamonte in Boquete

  1. I think the Panamonte is a special place. We had dinner there about a year & a half ago, & it was quite good. My favorite thing about it, however, is the bar – especially that great little nook with the fireplace. A great place to share a drink & some time with friends.

  2. We eat there frequently. Jennifer also adores the trout. I think the burgers are excellent (contest aside) and the filete is one of the better in Boquete. For the best try the Hibiscus on a night Christoph is cooking.

  3. Hi Lee. I understand the Hibiscus if supposed to be good. It was hit and miss in its old location for me when i lived in Boquere. I have never been to the new location and doubt if I could be tempted with an evening drive up to Boquete.

    Thanks for dropping in.

  4. Don: Lee’s comment about “…when Christophe is cooking” is good advice. As you know in the past I have been high on Hibiscus and Christophe is a personal friend. However — and I have had this discussion with him — since he has given over the kitchen and the chef’s apron to others, the quality and consistency of the food leaves much to be desired. Even breakfast is different when he’s at the stove. I understand that sometimes things change when businesses change or enlarge (and I would say that the same is the case with Antojito’s, which I don’t find as good as it was even a year ago), but I mourn the loss of Hibiscus as a culinary treat in an otherwise somewhat mediocre eating places in Boquete.

  5. Hi Wendy. Yes it is a sad fact that success does not always breed improvement or higher quality. And the worst of all changes is when lessor quality comes with a higher price tag.

  6. don,
    polenta is a very nice italian side dish, wish i could find it here, i would take it over mash potatos with cream gravy.

  7. The Panamonte Inn in Boquete was excellent. The restaurant was outstanding and the overall experience was very positive.

  8. During the past 20 years we regularily went to Panamonte to have a chuleta humada. The place was rather old. February this year we went there and were quite surprised. The place looks very nice and the food is of the best. The meat was correctly medium rare as I asked for. We had a wonderful evening and will certainly come back more often. The price was reasonable, for 5 adults and a boy we paid only USD 85.–. I recommend the place.

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