Plaza El Terronal Phase II Update

I stopped by the new construction and talked to a person in the Lumicentro store. I was told that it would open on the 30th of this month. That is a month later than the previous “guess”. However, the store was being organized with products and this date looks like it should stick.
The rest of the Phase II stores will be further in the future.

7 thoughts on “Plaza El Terronal Phase II Update

  1. Don
    You seem to have knowledge of a lot of what is going on and maybe you know what else is coming into the plaza? I have heard that Subway, Mailbox and a gourmet store/wine store. Is this what you have heard? Do you know if everything has been sold/rented?

  2. Hi Heather.

    Yes, I have heard Subway and the wine store. Haven’t heard about Mailbox. I am sure on one of the previous posts, I listed what I had heard. In Panama, anything you hear that is a year in the future, is subject to change.

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