Public Tennis Court In David?

I had a Chiriquí Chatter reader ask me if and where are any public tennis courts in David. I don’t remember seeing any on any of my outings, but I may have missed them. If anyone knows of any, please respond with the directions.

4 thoughts on “Public Tennis Court In David?

  1. I think there are a couple of tennis courts available on the back of the San Agustin High School off the Interamerican Highway. At least there used to be two when I played basketball in the school yard near the Gym in the back of the school.

  2. Club David has 2 covered courts that are well maintained, however, the membership price and monthly fees were ridiculous! We paid a fraction of that in Wailea Maui. They wanted $1,000 for membership and $85/month and your guests would cost $20/person. An Abogado (Attorney) signs you up…kinda makes you wonder if they want to put a lien on your house for late fees huh?

  3. Those fees do seem pretty high. Do they have a beautiful young lady to towel you off after each set? Sure sounds like a gringo price to me.

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