Restaurante El Chino – Camarena

I must be loosing it. I have eaten at this restaurant before and I even took photos. However, when I went back to look at the previous post, I must not have done a post the day I ate there. What is even stranger, I can’t find the photos I took of my meal that day either.

I guess it is good that I decided to go again today and this post is going to show up. When I have more time, I will look for the lost photos, since I ate different food today.

Since this was my first time to go out to eat this week, I thought I should have some beef to get my strength back. I ordered Fillet Mignon with Mozzarella sauce. It was $9.00.

First came a simple salad with vinegar and oil. While it was simple, I still enjoyed it.

Then came the steak. It was a nice cut of meat. It was pan broiled with two large tomato slices and they were covered with mozzarella cheese. The meat was very tinder and had an excellent taste. It came with mixed vegetables and French fries. I was very pleased with my selection. Too this point I have liked everything I have had at this restaurant. If I find the photos from my previous visit, I will post them.

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