Strange Pineapple

As you well know, I haven’t been doing much posting lately. I am still fighting a cold and it just hasn’t left me with much energy. I decided I needed to get out today and went to the farmer’s market this morning.

I bought lots of fruits and vegetables, but the prise was this strange pineapple.

It looks like a mutation. However as you can see in the following photo, it was only one of several of these odd looking beauties.

I will find out how the flavor is after I let it ripen a little longer.

9 thoughts on “Strange Pineapple

  1. Hello!
    It´s no wonder to hear of/see people with bad colds, flu, or respiratory complications during this humid season. Here at home we have learned to be extremely cautious. With my mom in the past, and with my dad know, we prefer to take action immediately. He already knows what being grounded for a month means. His neumologist firmly and fondly tells him: “Yes, you are an oak, but an old oak is not he same as young oak…!”
    Take care,

  2. Oh… I didn´t say that those pineapples are weird. Genetic manipulation of pineaples, by whom?, how? why? Side feects? I have eaten carrots, bananas naturally crossbred ( if that is the term).

  3. When people say that my dad is an oak ( es un roble), they mean he is very strong and healthful for his age. Are knotty pines stronger than oaks?

  4. Hi, these pineapple seems to getting many small pineapple trees on it or from it or of it ??? :))
    Interesting, anyway ! Perhaps you could plant it and get a whole forest of pineapple trees.

    But seriously, have a happy, healthy Sunday, Don Ray!

  5. That reminds me of a hilarious “translate this page” site I stumbled upon a couple of years ago. A tourist site about the pleasantries of a mercado central, or some such local.

    Anyway, I hit “translate this page” for Spanish to English, and a little sweet jumbled English description ensued. Something like:

    “The market abound with the many fine things for the tourist. Apples, oranges, the mangos, plantains, bananas, and….fragmentation grenades.”

    WHAT??? That’s one hell of a market place. Hmmm. Maybe I don’t really want to move to Central America after all.

    “Fragmentation grenade” was the selected “translation into English from Spanis of… yep, you guessed it…PINEAPPLE.

    Guess this is apropos of nothing much, just thought it was pretty funny.

    So, if I were you, I’d eat my Pina in espanol! More vitamins. Less boom! Although, might clear the sinuses.
    Take care,
    Charlotte Newman, U.S.A., (hopefully, soon Panama)

  6. Hi Charlotte. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have enjoyed most of my pineapples in Spanish and English. Of cource I haven’t picked any grenades.

    Good luck with your move plans.

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