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Traveling Via The Internet

One of the things I have really enjoyed, since moving to Panama, is having the time to travel, both within and outside of Panama and sometimes without even leaving my apartment. I have several blogging friends that I visit on a daily basis and through their photos I almost feel like I have gotten to visit their parts of the world.

One of my first international blogging amigas is Leena, who has a photo-blog displaying her homeland of Joensuu, Finland. Her photos have been so rich in picking up the color of the plants and buildings and her country in general, that I have vowed that I will have to see that part of the world before I die.

Below is one of her current photos. Click here or on the photo to visit her photo-site.

Another Request

If you will indulge me, I will make another request for you to place yourself on the Chiriquí Chatter Amigo map. Just click on the map below. The reader count definitely dropped of with my month’s absence, and the map currently looks pretty anemic.

In the future you can follow the progress by clicking on the Chiriquí Chatter Amigo icon in the sidebar. Thanks for your participation.

Take My Money Please

I think these words are tattooed on the forehead of the many of the people, that come to Panama these days, looking to invest into the dream of buying a piece of paradise. They have read all the glitz, glamor and hype that can be found on the web about Panama and most likely Boquete in particular.

Armed with this wealth of credible information, they schedule their trip to Panama and some post messages on the Yahoo groups asking for the name of a good Realtor that can help make their trip more productive. I doubt if any of these requests for help go unanswered. Continue reading Take My Money Please

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

I know you have heard this as many times as I have. I think I heard it the first time from my mom. After my dad died we struggled a lot, but I never remember being unhappy for the lack of money. When my mom would tell me that, I don’t know if she told me that to teach me something or to convince herself.

What ever the reason, her lesson stuck and I have always enjoyed life independent of how much money I had. I have never required my friendships to based on money or status. I guess that comes from being brought up in a country setting for the first 12 years of my life. Maybe that is why I enjoy living in David, Chiriquí. Life is simple and it is possible to have fun without dropping a bundle of money. Continue reading Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness


This post is being made from the Apple Mac Mini. For some reason the Linux PC decided to no longer recognize input from the keyboard. I know the keyboard is good because it is working fine on the Mac Mini.

It also works fine during the sign-on process on the Linux PC as well. However, once I am signed on, the keyboard is no longer active. There is nothing like keeping a few challenges to solve.

I hope I can solve this problem without having to reinstall Linux. It is a good thing I have a backup PC.

UPDATE: I am beginning to wonder if it is a hardware problem. If I hold a key down long enough then it will work. Maybe this is a motherboard problem and not a software problem.

UPDATE: No, this has to be Linux problem. The KB works fine in the bios setup and during the log-in process. Any thoughts from any of you Linux Gurus?

UPDATE: I have now completely ruled out the possibility of it being a hardware problem because Linux runs fine off the CD. Something must have become corrupted on the hard drive.

UPDATE: As I think back on it, I think I remember seeing a message pop up saying that a buffer overrun has occurred. I have been taxing my old PC pretty good and it has been running at 100% utilization a fair amount of the time. However, the PC continued to run after I saw that message for a period of time.

If he/she says that you are too good for him/her–believe them.”

Who Has Been To Panama Bill’s Lately

While I was at the airport the other day, I picked up this flyer for Panama Bill’s Restaurant in David. The photos looked so good, I wondered if they are representative of the plates that are now being served there.

It has been several months since I went there to a Gringo’s of David meeting. I had a barbecue sandwich which was alright, but these photos look extremely appetizing. The hamburger looks like it has promise. The pizza looks like it has more pepperoni than cheese. The T-bone would be worth going for and the plate of ribs looks like something I would enjoy.

Before I go, I would like to know if anyone has been recently and how the food was. I know that sometimes the photos that are used to bring you in are not consistent with what is served. I am not saying that that is the case here, but I have become more skeptical in my old age.

How Long Is Something State Of The Art

When it comes to digital cameras, it is not all that long. In July, I picked up a new Olympus SP550UZ camera. It had been out a few months, but was still recognized as Olympus most feature laden camera for those wanting close to a SLR in a slightly smaller size.

I see today that Olympus has now released several new cameras, one of which is the SP560UZ that replaces my camera. I love my camera and am satisfied with what it provides me. State of the art just doesn’t last very long.

Did You Grow Up In The 50s?

If you, like me, spent the majority of your formative years in the 50s, then you probably have a culture clash when it comes to music of the current generation. I think everyone always likes music from their time the best.

This morning I was feeling a little nostalgic and I went to Slacker and did a search for Connie Francis. Just as easy as that I was transported back to the carefree days of my youth. I am surprised that I still remember the words to most of the songs and found myself singing along

Connie Francis, Neil Sedaka, Bobby Darin, Leslie Gore, and others all entered my room and with each song came a memory of things I did back then.

Sofia came in while I was singing and as my lips would pucker to hit that perfect note in harmony with the song’s artist, she would pucker too and I swear she was enjoying the music as much as me. I need to make a note to tell Sussan to have Sofia’s hearing tested.

While I was listening, I did a Google search on “Connie Francis” to see what had happened to her. I was surprised to see that she is still performing. Here is just one of many sites that came from that search.

One of her scheduled performances will be in San Francisco on my birthday. I wonder if that is a sign that I should take a trip to San Francisco in October. I think I will go ponder that some more.