Is Your Water Pure?

A Chiriquí Chatter reader directed my attention to a current article in La Prensa which says that several bottled waters being sold may not be pure. They are Brisa, Purissima, Agua Premium, San Benedeto, Agua Purificada El Machetazo, Los Alpes, and Agua Frizz. The forming-colony unit was > 300 milligrams, while the maximum allowed in Panama is 100 milligrams to avoid health risks.

Here is a rough translation of the final paragraph in the article.

The National Union of Consumers and Usuarios of the Republic of Panama (Uncurepa) recommends that consumers verify that the bottled water is transparent and that it does not display any type of impurity. When buying a bottle, the buyer must make sure that the cover is sealed and that the package contains the sanitary registry of the Department of Food Protection of the Ministry of Health.”

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  1. Did not read the article, & so I don’t know if this pertains to the bulk type bottles of commercially sold water or smaller brands sold at stores, but an additional factor to consider is that bottled water (like soda pop) has a limited shelf life. Date of production (or expiration) for the latter is usually stamped (by means of videojet) on individually sold bottles in the U.S. The primary reason for this is not necessarily that the product becomes contaminated, per se, but rather that the taste is compromised as a result of chemical break-down of the plastic bottles that usually contain the product.

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