Sorry For Not Writin

By Don Ray Williams
August 30, 2007

Well, it’s been some time since I last wrote,
Seems like I never find the time.
So before I go on my way today,
I thought I’d tell you what’s on my mind.

Been readin the paper way too much,
It’s really getting quite depressing,
This world of ours sure is in a mess,
On this there’s not much debatin.

Today I see a U.S. Senator got caught with his pants down,
Course he says his actions were misinterpreted
He was just wantin to poke a little fun,
And for this, he almost got incarcerated.

And Iran has told Iraq not to worry,
When the time has come and the US leaves,
Iran will protect its neighbor’s interests,
Why is this not hard for me to believe?

I found out that all the Christmas presents that I just bought,
For my grandkids have to go,
Seems they all have tainted paint from China,
And Mattel has issued one giant recall.

And if this wasn’t enough, the clincher come from Castro.
He says the winning ticket is going to be Hillary and Obama.
With that I vowed to stop reading the news,
I am not sure who would be laughing more – Castro or Osama.

It will probably be awhile before I write again.
Cause next time I want to be upbeat.
I will want to tell you that the world is great,
And the future’s outlook is really sweet.

9 thoughts on “Sorry For Not Writin

  1. Don,
    You misspelled “Irak”, it’s “Eye Rack.” You welcome in advance for the gratis spelling lesson.

  2. When you put down the binoculars to look around you, life really ain’t too bad. There are folks here(?) who are good people and who care. They care about you and me and a lot of other people. They can make you smile and make good things to eat. They do their jobs and help the world keep goin’ round. And somewhere out there Perry is still singing about things goin’ round and round. Hope everyone has a good nights rest tonight. Tomorrow will be sweet.

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