Chiriquí Driver’s License Schedule Begins Today

Today is the first day to receive the new digital drivers license for the Chiriquí Provence. I doubt if I will make it this week. If you have gone and have gotten the new license, let me know how the process worked.

UPDATE: I just received the following email:

Hi Mr. Williams!

Another face of Panamanian time:
1.Not today, but Sept 7, ( source: an employee of a car dealer who goes to the transit office almost every day). I trust this one.
2.Not today, but sometime next week. ( from a policeman I don´t know, who answered a transit office department phone in case of an accident. He identified himself, but too quickly.)

If I know more, I´ll gladly let you know.
meanwhile: calma, calma…

5 thoughts on “Chiriquí Driver’s License Schedule Begins Today

  1. Hi Don:

    Are the Pensionado Turista licenses ready or is this just for those with cedulas?

    Since I’m into asking questions: Have you heard anything about the timetable for beginning the Copa flights from David to Miami?


  2. My understanding is that this is for all drivers licenses.

    The last I heard about the Copa flights was that it would be around December. I don’t know if that was stated based on the Panamanian clock or not.

    Personally, I think I will wait a while to see how well the flights handle the short runway and possibly until the runway is enlarged.

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