This post is being made from the Apple Mac Mini. For some reason the Linux PC decided to no longer recognize input from the keyboard. I know the keyboard is good because it is working fine on the Mac Mini.

It also works fine during the sign-on process on the Linux PC as well. However, once I am signed on, the keyboard is no longer active. There is nothing like keeping a few challenges to solve.

I hope I can solve this problem without having to reinstall Linux. It is a good thing I have a backup PC.

UPDATE: I am beginning to wonder if it is a hardware problem. If I hold a key down long enough then it will work. Maybe this is a motherboard problem and not a software problem.

UPDATE: No, this has to be Linux problem. The KB works fine in the bios setup and during the log-in process. Any thoughts from any of you Linux Gurus?

UPDATE: I have now completely ruled out the possibility of it being a hardware problem because Linux runs fine off the CD. Something must have become corrupted on the hard drive.

UPDATE: As I think back on it, I think I remember seeing a message pop up saying that a buffer overrun has occurred. I have been taxing my old PC pretty good and it has been running at 100% utilization a fair amount of the time. However, the PC continued to run after I saw that message for a period of time.

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  1. Don Ray,

    I don’t have a clue. I’ve never run across the problem you describe. I assume you’ve had no joy in Google searches either?

  2. I realize I am too late with this, you having cured the problem already. A buffer overrun should not cause a problem unless someone used it to install a rootkit or similar. If you did not format the root partition (normally hda1, or sda1 if you have a SATA drive) I highly recommend you back up your necessary /home files and reinstall with a format. If you did format root, then install chkrootkit and run it sudo.


  3. Hi Henry. I installed the chkrootkit as you suggested. I did do a complete reformat and install. chkrootkit shows no problem. I am back on the air with only the Linux for a while. I had to use the Apple in another location, so I better not have any problems for a while.

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