Did You Grow Up In The 50s?

If you, like me, spent the majority of your formative years in the 50s, then you probably have a culture clash when it comes to music of the current generation. I think everyone always likes music from their time the best.

This morning I was feeling a little nostalgic and I went to Slacker and did a search for Connie Francis. Just as easy as that I was transported back to the carefree days of my youth. I am surprised that I still remember the words to most of the songs and found myself singing along

Connie Francis, Neil Sedaka, Bobby Darin, Leslie Gore, and others all entered my room and with each song came a memory of things I did back then.

Sofia came in while I was singing and as my lips would pucker to hit that perfect note in harmony with the song’s artist, she would pucker too and I swear she was enjoying the music as much as me. I need to make a note to tell Sussan to have Sofia’s hearing tested.

While I was listening, I did a Google search on “Connie Francis” to see what had happened to her. I was surprised to see that she is still performing. Here is just one of many sites that came from that search.

One of her scheduled performances will be in San Francisco on my birthday. I wonder if that is a sign that I should take a trip to San Francisco in October. I think I will go ponder that some more.

10 thoughts on “Did You Grow Up In The 50s?

  1. Don,
    I grew up in the 50’s & 60’s & I totally agree that you are influenced to a great degree by the music you grew up with. What has surprised me, however, with the advent of downloadable music, is the degree to which I have “discovered” great music from the 50’s, particularly in the jazz & blues genres that I had no idea even existed. There really is a whole world of wonderful music from our past that anyone can & should explore.

  2. Hi Patrick. Good site. Looks like it could be used for downloads to a iPod – if I had an iPod that is.

    Hi Gordo. I also like a lot of C&W music, but it is the 50’s that bring back a lot of pleasant memories. I like some blues and jazz. It all depends on my mood.

  3. Hi Don,
    I am in the Karaoke business and sometimes come across alot of the singers from the 50’s. Connie Francis lives in Fl. now. The temptations just did a commercial for a credit card company and one of my employees performed with them so they were in the store practicing. Chubby checkers son has been in our store many times as have alot of other performers. When they come into the store they will ask for their music and sometimes will grab a microphone and sing along
    what memories.

  4. Beatles baby here or should I say the Stones. Saw their first condert in 1965 in Toronto when I was 13.
    . Hippie at heart, retired teacher, eternal optinist. Idealist, but all woman. Petite, fit and hopeful. Very Loving.

  5. Connie Francis is still selling out concerts and just broke all records in Vegas. She is very busy and she has never had PR and never believed in it. Perhaps that is why you were surprised that she is still performing. She is a legend.

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