Have A Little Patience

This is something you have to keep reminding yourself if you live in Panama. In all likelihood, patience is required if you live in any Latin American country. This morning I am telling myself this very thing because my Cable & Wireless Internet performance currently sucketh!In the US when one provider starts neglecting its uptime responsibility, you probably have several other choices to chose from. My other Internet option is Cable Onda and I know enough other users of Cable Onda to know that their performance isn’t perfect all the time either. There is a reasonable chance that my changing to Cable Onda would only bring a new set of challenges.

The same is true with TV providers. Here I have the option of AstroVision (my current provider), Cable Onda and DirecTV. I am not current on all the pricing, but I think that if you can get AstroVision or Cable Onda, that is your most cost effective way to go.

You are going to have to be satisfied with the majority of the programming being in Spanish. Shucks, if you have decided to make the move to Panama, learning a little Spanish is in your best interest anyway. You are also going to have to get used to seeing a lot of English broadcasts with Spanish subtitles. Again, look at it as another way to learn Spanish. Plan on giving up a lot of your US network stations. And the quality of the broadcasts you receive may be poor at times. Look at this as another opportunity to practice having patience.

Having patience also means learning to operate on Panamanian time. By that I mean that appointments may or may not happen when they are scheduled. If you have always been a “Type A” personality like me, you hate being late. I am usually 5 to 10 minutes early for everything. I have gone to many meetings only to find that the person I was going to meet had gone to Panama City, or some other thing had come up and I hadn’t been notified.

Get used to waiting in lines. Being a jubilado helps in providing preferential treatment, but you will still have a line to wait in. When you bump into some of these annoying situations, remember “PATIENCE”. When you are talking to a store clerk and she doesn’t understand you, remember “PATIENCE”. Talking to her in a loud voice and getting upset will not improve things.

Remember the word “PATIENCE”. Inscribe it on your forehead. Learn to smile more. Learn to end every transaction with “Have a nice day” (Tiene un buen dia). You will find yourself enjoying your days more and I guarantee you will improve all relations you have in Panama.

9 thoughts on “Have A Little Patience

  1. Right on Don. Thanks for the reminder. A smile and a thank you go a long way and the return is priceless. You are a great example my friend. Patience, courtesy and a smile are usually contageous when applied.

  2. About TV…There is another option called Sling Box. It allows you to look at your local USA cable programs here in Panama. I met a fella from Wisconsin at Albrook. He was flying to the Pearle Islands. He said he could look at any of his 100+Wisconsin channels on his laptop computer. He said the Sling Box is available at Best Buy. Cost about $250. The website is at http://www.slingmedia.com. It would be great if the TV programs could be transferred from the computer to a regular TV.

  3. I read the manual and it doesn’t look like an option to me. The box has to connect to your current cable, satallite provider and it makes what is received available to you somewhere else on the Internet.

    Therefore to get US stations, it appers to me that you would have to connect the box to a friends house in the states and use their bandwidth to transmit it to you here in Panama.

    I may have missed something, but I don’t see it as an option for me.

  4. I looked into Slingbox some time ago, and you are correct, Don. It has to be sent from someone in the U.S. who has, preferably, a satellite set up with TIVO. There is one fellow in Boquete who has a Slingbox and says his reception is not all that great, but is offset by the fact that he can get his local football and baseball games in English when they are played.

  5. Hi Wendy. Thanks for taking the time to comment. What I would like is to have the same Dish system I had when I was in Texas. However, I am reasonably satisfied with my cable. I have too many things to do to watch too much TV.

  6. Hi Don Ray, We have been watching some US TV on the computer…..
    no charge, no proxy server needed. This is the URL http://www.channelsurfing.net. Tonight we will watch *The Office* on NBC. In the a.m. we watch a news channel out of Austin,Texas. There are several channels broadcasting. You might want to give it a try….sharon

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