Cards Revised and Reordered

Last October, I took the plunge and ordered some “Blog” cards for Chiriquí Chatter. I did it right after I had changed the theme for the blog and incorporated the opening image in the cards.

Well believe it or not in less than a year, I have passed out all of the cards I ordered. I have carried them around so long, I almost felt naked when I passed out the last one.

It seems that I ran out of them at an opportune time, since I recently upgraded the blog’s theme again and with it came a slight change to the opening image. Today, I ordered a new set of cards, and Ellery, over at ARTE Grafico S.A., incorporated the new image in the new cards. I had a lot of compliments on these cards over the last year and the credit goes to Ellery and ARTE Grafico S.A..

I should have them in 8 days and I will be able to stop feeling naked.

4 thoughts on “Cards Revised and Reordered

  1. Hello Don,

    I like your card idea. I went back and also looked at your post when you did the cards the first time. I also liked them. One man, who is on the same blog as I am, lives in Greenville, South or North Carolina (?) mentioned “business cards” too and I thought I should do that to keep from writing the URL out all of the time. But I still haven’t done that. I need to think of a theme and stick to it I guess.

    The ideal site, for me, would be one with all of the features possible in a website, like my, with a reply or comment feature like my has. So far there is nothing that melds the two formats that suits me.

    If you happen to come by the blog today it shows part of a Coopers Hawk that was here yesterday and the story behind it.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. Hi Abe. Thanks for dropping in. You would have a hard time choosing a photo to put on your card. You have too many to choose from.

    The Coopers Hawk is a very nice photo.

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