Plaza El Terronal Phase II Update

I took the opportunity to check out the construction, of Plaza El Terronal’s Phase II, today. The building on the corner is Lumicentro. One of the workers said that it should be open by the end of August and the rest of the stores around the end of September.

This second photo shows the furure office of MoviStar. Also you can see that the entire parking lot has a metal fence surrounding it so I didn’t take any photos of Phase III. When completed, this complex is really going to be nice.

8 thoughts on “Plaza El Terronal Phase II Update

  1. Nice site,
    I have a little question:
    Is it true that there’s gonna be a Pizza Hut and a Wendy’s?
    Also, in which phase is the Dunkin’ Donuts going to be build?

  2. Hi Nicolas. I have heard nothing about a Pizza Hut. Wendy’s and DD is supposed to be in the 2nd phase. We will know when they open. Until then it is only rumors.

  3. Ok, thanks a lot for your information, i really appreciate that you answer my questions.
    And please, can you visit an hotel that’s in construction in front of Oteima that is named Hotel Ciudad de David. I’ll really want to know how that building’s gonna be.

  4. Hi Nicolas. The hotel you reference across from Oteima is quite a way from being finished. When it gets closer to being finished, I will post about it again.

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