Another Miserable Day Using the C&W Internet

I am trying to go back and review all past post to find possible problems when I changed the photo structure. I have found a couple problems and solved them, but the progress is slow. Today seems to be another day when C&W is not providing any bandwidth. So it is hit enter and wait forever.

The last I heard this might be as a result of people stealing the copper cable. Whatever the reason, it certainly keeps the Internet from being fun.

2 thoughts on “Another Miserable Day Using the C&W Internet

  1. I doubt the problems are caused by missing copper, Don Ray. When they take your copper you lose the internet and telephone.

    Traceroute and ping are handy tools for finding the bottlenecks in the pipe. Traceroute does not install by default on Ubuntu, so enter “apt-get install traceroute” from the command line. Type “traceroute ” and watch the replies. On my system there is a long lag between my router and Cable and Witless’ first link. Use ping to test the addresses which take a long time to reply. If you get a good short ping reply with no losses, chances are good that C&W’s network is the culprit.

    If you’re experiencing long load times and timeouts, use ping first with the URL and then with the IP address. Ex: “ping” and “ping”, Response times should be nearly identical. If the first response takes a long time with “ping”, but not with the IP address, C&W’s DNS server is probably the cause. Of course, knowing where the problem is probably won’t help, because C&W’s tech staff is mostly folks who couldn’t qualify for a job at MacDonalds, but at least it gives you something to rant about. 🙂

    Added: Since I wrote the above, I’ve discovered that some of the bottlenecks can be eliminated by allowing access through the firewall. I allowed the first three IPs, all in Panama, and the delay disappeared on C&Ws first two ( and but remains on (, so that’s where MY bottleneck is. Yahoo groups remain a coin-flip for access, but the problem appears to be at Yahoo.


  2. Hi Henry. My response time has returned. I appreciate the new info though. It may help in the future.

    By the way Henry, I found the “traceroute” function under my system network tools.

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