Ye Of Little Faith


Just to prove that I did take some photos over my last month’s absence, I thought I would show you a little more technology I played with while I was in Texas. In one of the Austin malls I happened to see an Apple store. There is no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to hold an actual iPhone and test out its user interface to see if it was as revolutionary as my reading was leading me to believe.

This photo is of an actual operating phone. Those are my fingers. I spent about 15 minutes trying all of the menus and various features. I can honestly say it is the nicest cell phone I have ever held. It exuded quality. The touch screen interface was great. If you live in the US and can afford a $600 cell phone and a two year commitment of $60 a month cell phone fee, then this is one sweet phone.

This is going to truly revolutionize the form factor of all cell phones. After using the phone I felt like I had almost held a gift from the gods. I was in aw.

I have seen that there have been some security issues and other gripes that have come up since its release, but I think this is to be expected by any new entry in the market providing the function and capability that the new iPhone has. If I were in the US, I would have one. but I can’t see it being of much value in Panama for quite a while.

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