Parque de Cervantes Esta Abierto

Back on June fifteenth, I notified you that the park would officially open on June 29th. Wouldn’t you know that after I have followed the progress for over a year the park would open two days after I left for the US.

If you are ready, lets take a walk around the park. This first photo is of the meeting area. It is supposed to be where they can have concerts, etc. and I am sure this is where the opening ceremonies were held. If anyone reading this went, please confirm for me that the President of Panama was there.
Parque Cervantes

The next photo is the entrance on the AudioFoto side of the park. This is where we will enter.

Now that we have entered, this is the view to the right. As you can see all the greenery is raised above the walking level by about four feet. All around the park are these seating areas. The benches are a polished concrete and actually much more comfortable than what I remember in the old park. The inlaid brickwork is very attractive.

This view is looking toward Fotorama. The central fountain is on the left side.

I have now walked to the end of the area, of the first view when we faced right, and I have turned to walk toward Fotorama.You can see that many of the original trees were preserved. Some were removed because they were diseased or dangerous. In some areas new trees were planted

I have now walked halfway toward Fotorama and made a left and am facing the central fountain. The fountain is the focal point of the entire park.

This is a view looking toward Fotorama across one of the grassed areas. Throughout the entire park, you will see signs telling you the variety of the plants you are looking at. I think this is a special touch.

Here is another view of the fountain.

While I was taking photos, I notices these four students sitting on one of the benches. I asked them why they were in special dress and they said that their school had had a fiesta. The graciously allowed me to take their photo. These dresses are similar to the traditional polleras. I believe that the name of these students dresses are called montunos.

They were so gratious in letting me take their photo, that I want you to get a better view of their smiling faces.

Here is a view of the monument telling about important dignitaries who were responsible for the park. The architech, Osmeida Furguson A., had given me a tour through the park last May. She should be proud of how well it turned out.

This is another view of the monument from a greater distance. Take notice of the light pole behind the monument. These lights are placed throughout the park and I understand that the park is very nice looking at night.

To the left of the monument we just looked at are these three flag poles. The flag on the left is the Chiriquí flag. The center flag is the Panama Flag. I am curious to learn how the third flag pole will be used.

As we prepare to leave the park, take notice of this special item. Throughout the park are video cameras. These are monitored in one of the structures that I did not take a photo of. The park has 24 hour a day security. The park is intended to be enjoyed and secure at all times.

As I was leaving, I took this photo of a piece of chewing gum that someone dropped on the walkway. I hope that everyone that goes to this park realizes the time and hard work that went in to create a truly beautiful place in David. Please throw all trash in trash receptacles to help preserve the beauty.

As I get into my car, i should tell you that the entire park is bordered by a yellow curb. In the past, you could park next to the curb. Now I knew that yellow means “Do not park here”, but there were no other parking places available. There were a lot of cars parked against the curb and I went around the block three times and looked to see if any of the cars had tickets. None did and since I didn’t plan on being there longer than 30 minutes, I put on a parking card and entered the park. Upon returning to my car, I found that I had received the following gift which says that I parked in an unauthorized location. Why the other cars didn’t receive tickets, I have no idea, but you have been warned.

6 thoughts on “Parque de Cervantes Esta Abierto

  1. Hi Don ,
    I attended the opening of the park,and yes the President was there and made a presentation.From what I have seen most every one is respecting the beautiful new park.

  2. Now, WHY would they need cameras, in a little park, in a little bitty place like “el Parque” in David, where there’s NOT much population? And where there’s no crime?

    Well, obviously, the cameras are NOT for your security, but to keep track of the “grassroots.”

    But I suppose, Panamanians, are getting accustomed to it, like good little sheeple, just like in the UK and the U.S.

  3. Contrary to your cynical statements, prior to the new park, ithe old park was inhabited at night with drugs and other malianties. I have no problems with the cameras being there and doubt that other law abiders do either.

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