What Has Happened To The Photos?

I know. I know. I have been back for awhile and have not posted any photos. Well it is not because I don’t want to or don’t have any to post. I am currently having some more technical challenges that I have to over come.

I thought that today I would move the photos from the Olympus camera onto the UBUBTU PC and choose some to post. That was the thing that started all of the new challenges.

I removed xD card from the camera and inserted it into the xD reader that is supposed to be read by the USB port. I plugged the USB card reader into a USB 2.0 slot on the UBUNTU PC. The flash reader immediately appeared as a new device and I thought this was going to be as simple as it was using my Canon photo transfer. However then Linux told me that it could not find any information on the new drive.

Sometimes it takes a while to get new devices recognized by Linux and I thought maybe my reader is an unsupported device. Being impatient, I took the USB reader and inserted it into the Apple Mini Mac. Likewise, the device was recognized by the Mac but it also told me that the device had no data.

I decide that I would try it one more time on the Windows XP PC. Here enters another new problem. The Windows XP PC is not booting up. I don’t know when it was last used, but now I need to find out what is broken with it.

So returning to the Apple I decide to see if I can read the xD card directly from the camera. I replace the xD card in the camera and verify that it still contains all the photos and it did. I then Take the USB camera cable that I normally use with my Canon and find the spot on the Olympus camera where the cable connects only to realize that Olympus and Canon use different standards for the plugs at the camera end.

Damn! Now where did I put all the extra stuff that came with the Olympus. I find where I put it and try the Olympus cable connecting the Apple and the camera. Apple is happy and shows that a new drive exits and this time the device has data. I copied the file of photos to the Apple. I will count that as my success for the day.

Not being satisfied, I go back to the UBUNTU Linux to see if I can transfer the photos directly from the camera. Again Linux sees a new drive, but again, it thinks the device has no data. So as far as Linux is concerned, this has to be a problem supporting the Olympus camera or a problem reading xD memory cards no matter how they are connected.

So to list the new problems I have to solve:

  1. USB xD card reader not functioning on Linux or Mac OSX. Can’t check it on Windows yet.
  2. Can’t import photos from Olympus camera to Linux.
  3. Windows XP PC is not booting.
  4. Review photos for future posts.

I think I need to take a break and go get something to eat. I now have enough new projects to keep me busy for quite awhile and most of them are projects that I wish I didn’t have. One of these days you will see some new photos.

10 thoughts on “What Has Happened To The Photos?

  1. I have a similar problem with Linux and cameras. Whenever I attach my camera to the computer I first get a window telling me I’ve connected the camera, which is correctly identified, but for whatever reason the computer never sees any data. But, if I just wait and do nothing at the first window, a second window appears and identifies the SD chip. I can then transfer the pictures.


  2. Don Ray,

    Try taking a blank media card and writing data to it from the Mac and reading that media on Linux. I’ve had no issues with Linux recognizing the USB mass storage devices. (I did, however, have an empty media card reader attached one time that caused Linux to hang on booting.)

    There is the possibility that the Olympus does not comply with the USB mass storage standards. Apple may have information on the Olympus while Linux (as configured on your box) doesn’t. Do you have gphoto (or gtkam) installed? I find that it works with many cameras.

    Of course, my D50 uses standards so my onboard card reader works perfectly ;-).

  3. Hi Tuxi. I will try to digest your idea and see if I can make it work. It could also be that the card reader I have doesn’t properly work either. I haven’t been able to find enough markings on it to search for it on the web.

  4. Welcome back, Mr. Williams. I wish you good luck with those technicalities which I find Greek. My problem since last week is an intermittent noise in the telephone line and the Internet access coming and going. Ít´s not humidity. Mr Cano from Microtechnology will come back tomorrow just to talk with C&W people -in their own jargon- because apparently, my ADSL modem should be changed. When I detected the inconsistency, I dialed 188 much more than many times. At least I enjoyed their classical music, but couldn´t get in touch with anybody. Then I went to C&W office downtown. The kind clerk had the same experience I had: music and a recording more or less like this: “Dear clients, this is to apologize because C&W´s net has massive problems originated by the frequent stealing of cables along the country. Our technicians are working hard to replace them…. ”

    Best regards,


  5. Hi Hilda. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your ending statement of the recording could explain the slow speed that had happened recently.

  6. Don,
    I use Ubuntu on both of my computers and have both a Canon and Olympus camera. On the Canon it is easy, just plug your USB cable directly into the camera and connect to your computer, set your camera to view fotos and turn on camera. You will have box on Ubuntu that allows you to import and clean off camera if you desire. The Olympus is harder, do the same as Canon but on the camera, you will need to tell it to look at the PC.
    Its much better than MS

  7. Hi Jim. Thanks for leaving a comment. My experience with Canon was the same. On the Olympus the camera screen did request me to make a selection and I did press PC. At that point Linux sais that there was no data to read.

  8. Don,
    On the Olympus, it will not show you the folder containing the fotos directly but if you open the folder it does show you, you will find your fotos hidden in there under a strange filing system.
    Just takes a while to get used to the differences with Linux. Sony and Canon use same system but Olympus just has to be different.
    I am using Ubuntu for normal operations and only use MS XP for things I can’t do in Linux.

  9. Hi Don,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I just give it another look. When I connect the Olympus, the camera screen asks where I want it connected. I select “PC” and another window opens asking if I want it to import the images. I select yes and then it says no images found.

    I now have two PCs that I am using. One is the Apple Mac Mini that I am testing and have to admit liking. The other is my Linux which I prefer to use for the majority of my work (fun).

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