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This Is Very Interesting

If you remember my post on the 11th (Rant For The Day), I was complaining about my problems with Chase Rewards Visa. Well today, I received an email from a representative of Chase, thanking me for contacting the “Card Services Executive Office at Chase” and that they were researching my problem.

You may be thinking that this is a positive thing, but here is the interesting part. I have never contacted the “Card Services Executive Office at Chase”. The the email included the entire post of Jun 11th. So this tells me that they didn’t send me an email me because off my contacting them; they contacted me because of my rant.

This raises the question of how the “Card Services Executive Office at Chase” learned about the rant. I mean this is only three days after I posted it. Do they have a search engine looking for people posting displeasure about their service, or did an employee of Chase, who happens to read Chiriquí Chatter, forward my rant to the “Card Services Executive Office at Chase”.

I replied with information on how the representative may contact me. Now you have to admit, this is very interesting.

Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.


The other day when I received the latest ACS warnings, I decided to send an email to the US Embassy in Panama asking if they had new information on Panama’s Visa change and pending vaccination requirements.

I just received the following email which includes my original request:

From: Panama, ACS

Subject: RE: Panama Visa and Vaccination requirements
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 16:13:38 -0500
Dear Mr. Williams:
Thank you for contacting us.

Attached is updated information regarding entry requirements for Panama and tourist visa.

Regarding to new vaccinations requirements this issue is under study by the Government of Panama. Apparently these new requirements will depend on the last country visited by the traveler.



—–Original Message—–
From: Don Ray Williams
Sent: Friday, June 08, 2007 4:49 PM
To: Panama, ACS
Subject: Panama Visa and Vaccination requirements

I am getting a lot of questions as are all the local Panama Yahoo groups and other websites related to Panama’s changes in their Tourist Visa and pending legislation related to vaccinations.

If you have information related to either of those items, all US citizens living in Panama would like to know it.

Thank you,

Don Ray Williams

The following was the attachment which is what the US Embassy understands to be the Entry Requirements For Panama for US citizens: Continue reading US CITIZEN ENTRY REQUIREMENTS FOR PANAMA

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Maybe you have heard to old joke, “How do you eat an elephant?’ The answer was “One bite at a time”. That was the thought that popped into my mind when I realized that they were removing the huge mango tree from across the street. This tree is enormous and you just can’t cut it at the bottom and let it fall.

By the time I realized that this entertainment was going on across the street, a large portion of the upper part of the tree has already been cut. When you look at the first photo, you need to mentally fill in all the white space that is in the center with tree. That much of the tree was removed before I started taking photos.

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Getting A Little Behind In My Work

I am just like the butcher that backed into his blade and I am getting a little behind in my work. Here it is Tuesday and I haven’t posted my outing to The SteakHouse for Sunday lunch.

Sunday, instead of leaving for a field trip, we just took it easy. We did manage to go out for lunch and wound up at the SteakHouse. This is one of the best Oriental Restaurants in David and by far the most elegant and it is also the largest.

I didn’t take a photo of the outside, but here is an old photo, and I don’t think it has changed much on the outside.

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Bad Apple In Caldera Village, Boquete?

I received the following Question from a couple that had a bad experience in Caldera Village, Boquete:

Question::We got involved in a property scam. It was for property in Boquete called Caldera. The owner was Carlos Gomez. He sold time share type ownership and then sold the property and did not return any of the money from the timeshare. Have you heard of this man or Caldera? Is he still operating in real estate?


I responded that I did not know the individual or the development and asked if they had bought from the individual or heard about him from someone else. They replied the following this morning:

Yes we did buy into Caldera Village in Boquete. Carlos Octavio Gomez was the owner. He lives in David. He has yet to return our money. He sold the land moved all assests out of his name etc. Bad character. We are still trying to get our money back.


This is another example of buyer beware. There always two sides to a story. Carlos, I will be happy to print your side.