The Don’t Wantas

As you can tell from the lack of a post on the blog, I accomplished very little yesterday. In fact “very little” is probably an understatement”. I did try to get Saturday’s video ready to post with no success. While I did accomplish getting it accessible on Linux, it is still too large to upload to YouTube and I don’t want to do it until I get it right. I finally got bored/frustrated with the project and postponed it for a later time. When I get it ready and posted, I will let you know.

I worked some with the GRAMPS project and also accomplished nothing. I think I need to recruit some help when I get to Oklahoma to fill in some of the blanks.

I have a stack of mail that I have glanced at but not opened and filed. I have list of things to get done before next Wednesday and it just got longer yesterday and the list of things completed didn’t change one iota. I guess I am in one of those “I don’t wanta” periods and I need to take a break. When it comes to the Blog maybe this is the equivalent of writer’s/blogger’s block. Nothing quite seems worth writing about, so I am writing about not having anything worth writing about.

I have three books that I want to read, but I can’t seem to open the cover of any of them. There are several movies that have come to Blockbuster that I would like to watch, but I can’t get interested enough to go pick them up. With gas dropping 20 a gallon it would be a good time to go fill up, but maybe it will drop more so I will just wait.

12 thoughts on “The Don’t Wantas

  1. The best thing to do when this happens is open a cold one and sit outside and watch life go by. Actually, moods like this one a really a blessing– as long as they don’t become a way of life, that is! Too bad you can’t bottle ‘I Don’t Wanta” and use it when you need it.

  2. When you feel like procrastinating forever, think about the post you wrote about the marbles in a jar. Then you’ll energize your body and start doing things.

    That post about the marbles, really impacted my way of thinking about life.



  3. Hi Rob -aggressively apathetic. Hmmm I will have to remember and use that someday.

    Hi Omar, maybe that’s it. My marble jar is empty.

  4. Hey Don,

    I was pretty sure your “illness” is the reason I want to move from San Diego to Panama. If you slow down here, the NASCAR/Gangbanger freeway maniacs will take your life in a fiery crash. I’ll bet you haven’t seen one bumper sticker in David that reads “I’m Not Tailgating…I’m Drafting”. Translated…. “I’m an Ass”.

  5. Don,
    I don’t think there is a person alive that doesn’t have the ‘Blahs’ as I call them. They come and go, and yours will as well. I am hoping to have all the problems you are facing now..and lose those I have now…Pretty easy tradeoff to me.. I am sure I will get the ‘blahs’ too, but in a far better place to put up with them..

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