I Don’t Wanta

By Don Ray Williams
June 20, 2006

I have things to do that I know I oughta,
But I can’t get um done cause I just don’t wanta.
So they’re are sittin in my “To Do” list,
And I’m trying to pretend that they don’t exist.

Have you ever kinda felt that way,
Where nothing is black or white, just sorta gray,
And the day is dreary, not sunny and bright,
And nothin you do seems to turn out right?

So rather than have more things go wrong,
You just sorta drift along,
You drift along and purty soon,
It’s time to eat – it’s well past noon,

But the bread is all moldy and the bologna smells,
So you think a bit and and say “Oh, what the hell”,
I skipped breakfast, I think I’ll skip lunch too,
It just sorta seems like the thing to do.

The more you ponder and contemplate,
The more you think all things can wait.
The best thing to remember when you just don’t wanta,
Is that you will have more opportunities mañana.

11 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanta

  1. You are so creative, even when you say you don´t have anything to say. Thank you for the poem.

  2. I feel just now just same kind feelings as in your poem 🙂
    I should do that, i should do this and this and that . . . ., BUT, they are waiting and they do not go anywhere, just manana (sorry, no a right letter )
    Tomorrow I will get visitors, but they are too familiar, so, I am lazy just this one evening more !

    Have a nice doing nothing times with Lilliam!

  3. dear don ray,

    how can we be so very different and yet so very much the same!

    humans that is! bless and release kick back and enjoy the”blahs”

    again thank you for sharing. ellen

  4. what I know I wouldnt if I told my feet they couldn’t..is the beginning of one of my own poems. I had no idea you were a writer of poems and I must say I like your style. I am today just learning about blogs and I appreciate your tips. I think I would like to have one of my own. Its funny but I feel that the last four years have just sort of blurred by and I think that I might be getting close to becoming the person I know to be. I have been incredibly solitary and the only other internet handle I have besides my name is poetsailor. Anyway just let me drink my liqueur and watch the candle flicker…

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