Zapadora Is On The Internet

The Zapadora

I received an email today from Dianne Heidke, the Supreme Ruler of The Zapadora. I posted a piece on Zapadora right after they had opened in June of 2006. This is a great place to know about if you are wanting some unusual accents to add to your home. I have meant to return, but I keep getting side tracked with other items. There just isn’t enough hours in a day or days in a week, etc. etc.

Diane wrote to let me know that they now have their website up and you can find it at I have added the link to the Chiriquí Chatter Link area.

Stop in and say hello to :

Dianne Heidke
Supreme Ruler of The Zapadora
Poterrillos ABAJO, Chiriqui.

and tell her you found out about The Zapadora in Chiriquí Chatter. If you go let me know if the cappuccino bar is open for business.

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